TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 13

Episode 13: Dr. Briefs Made This Episode In A Cave… WITHABOXOFSCRAPS!

Lanipator – Vegeta, Kuririn, Piccolo, Toilet
Megami33 – Bulma
LittleKuriboh – Freeza, Narrator
MasakoX – Goku, Gohan, Roshi
Antfish – Dodoria
Hbi2k – Freeza Soldier 2
Vegeta3986 – Cui, Yamcha
KaiserNeko – Zarbon, King Kai, Freeza Soldier 1


Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Kageyama Hironobu
Daimao Appears – Kenji Yamamoto
Pfeifer Bros. – Bitter Submunition
Premonition of a Grand Adventure – KenjI Yamamoto
I’m Too Sexy (’06 Version) – Right Said Fred
Popeye – Spinach Theme
Shock! – Kenji Yamamoto
Desperate Situation – Kenji Yamamoto

DragonBall is Owned by TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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