Female Wolverine Body Paint Cosplay

Sarah Miranda looks sexy and savage as Wolverine! Here is what the photographer Joey D had to say about the shoot…

“Last year I created a Star Wars themed Pin Up calendar, and it went viral! I was amazed at the response it got and immediately began working on a concept for the next big project. Since I had worked with Ally on the Captain America body paint shoot, I approached her about doing a body paint calendar. Since we were both super geeks, I figured that through body paint we could cover all facets of geek culture with no limitations on costuming or budget. We were only limited by our imagination. We’ve been working on this now for about 3 months, and each week Ally has amazed me with her painting talent. Each character was somehow better than the last! We are almost done the project, and I will be working on the layout and printing soon. I hope to have the calendar ready for sale by November, so stay tuned!”

Model: Sarah Miranda

Body Paint: Artwork by Ally

Photographer: Joey Demarco – facebook

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