Firefly Themed Shoot

We love seeing people take there own ideas on the themes we love and run with them. This Firefly themed shoot is fun & cute. The lovely Samantha Star looks great portraying a few of the characters and Photography by Joey D does great work with his camera. Here is what he had to say about the shoot…


“Samantha and I are both huge “Firefly” fans, so when she asked me if I wanted to do a shiny new “Firefly”-themed shoot with her I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’m no Ben Tian Sheng De Yi Dui Rou! Sam was given a free T-Shirt from Geekchic Tees for her “awesome geek work” and she wanted to do a shoot as a thank you to them. Luckily, I had my very own browncoat and gun. If anyone can give Nathan Fillion, Captain Tightpants himself, a run for his money it’s Sam. She somehow made Malcolm Reynolds even sexier, which was previously thought to be impossible. But you know what they say: No power in the ‘Verse could stop us from trying. It was really awesome to be able to do something related, and we hope you enjoy our little shindig.””

Model/Hair/Makeup: Samantha Star

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Props: Tom Coombs

T-Shirt: Geekchic Tees

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Geeks Life Luxembourg

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