Comic Con (San Diego) – SDCC – Cosplay Music Video – 2013


San Diego Comic Con – The biggest and best show for everything Comic, Film & Video related took place in July 2013. With some amazing cosplayers attending as part of The Nerdist we couldn’t resist bringing a little of our UK style of video to the show and film some of the best cosplayers we found.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part & helped us out this weekend. If you didn’t make the cut don’t worry there will be a 2nd video coming out for YouTube’s Geek Week so subscribe for more!

Also a massive thank you to everyone who came to see us on the Nerdist Panel.

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Song used under permission from Down With Webster. “One In A Million”

“One In A Million” by Down With Webster

Official Video… (Make sure you subscribe!)
Filmed on a Canon 7D, with a FlyCam 5000 (Thanks to ) Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects.
Thanks to Legacy FX, Stan Winston School & Wired Magazine for allowing us to film their awesome robot!

Shout out to the team at Nerd HQ too.
Shout out and thanks to: (If we missed you shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to add you)

Angi Viper for the Thumbnail pic:
Riki LeCotey aka Ridd1e: (Star Trek officer):…
Ani-Mia (Zatanna):
YaYa Han (Phoenix):
Meagan Marie (Wonder Woman)
Gilly Kins (Scarlet Which)…
Igor Pinski (Mr Pinski):
Ivy Doom Kitty (Captain America Dress):
Castle Corsetry (Star Trek Bunnies):
The Hillywood Show (Warm Bodies): http:///
Hannah Minx:…
Screen Team:…
Aicosu – Sheila & Sylar (Lutece Twins):
Wayne Anderson (End Demon):
Melissa Jimenez Ramirez (Original Spider character):
Mo Meinhart (Performer):
Cinema Make Up School:
Hope Summers:…
Leeanna Vamp (Puss in Boots):
Erick MD & Rose Ivy (Booker and Elizabeth):
Alexabder Albatross (Handy Man):…
Robert “RJ” Haddy (Penguin):
Wolverine, Bumblebee & IronMan:
League of Hot Geeks:…
Aggressiv Comix:
Maghia Cosplay as Princess Peach:…
JacobJake as Iron Man Mark 42…
David Rubilar as Rufio:
Bonnie Von Clyde as Jessica Rabbit /…
Kyle Taylor as Gordon Freeman:
Honeydew Boba Cosplay as Lady Deadpool:…
Disney Villians Group:
Christian Capuchino (Link)

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Sneaky Zebra

Sneaky Zebra is a UK based film duo making all the awesome, funny and geeky videos we want. Made up of Gary Scullion - AVID editor and Nick Acott - Stills Photographer.Also featuring a Zebra

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