Rose Tyler Cosplay

The lovely Iwishihadatardis looks awesome as Rose, one of Doctor Who’s most loved companions. Here is what the photographer Cosplayequinox had to say about the shoot…

“Iwishihadatardis was the reason I got into the Doctor Who series and also one of my favorite models to take photos of. She exemplifies the character Rose perfectly, so it’s quite easy to do a photoshoot of her and have the images turn out the way I imagined. Which for me is fantastic! When I go into on locations shoots, which most of mine are; I am usually going for some sort of feel or look. I spend hours brainstorming of the perfect spot and of what I want the model to do so it makes my job all that simpler when the model loves the character, knows how they function and are ready to jump into action. Oh and just in case, I make sure to bring plenty of references to the photoshoots so that I can have a visual aid to help me re-create the episodes I am pulling from. Also Id like to give a special thankes to my wonderful Boyfriend aka Darkstarcosplay who also loves the series and is a fantastic Ten cosplayer, who comes in now and then and models with her. Because it does make the shot all that more real when you have more characters from the series for the model to interact with, and in all makes the photoshoots themselves all that much more fun~!”

Models: Iwishihadatardis & Darkstarcosplay

Photographer: Cosplayequinox of FeatheredHearts Photography

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