MCM Expo / London Comic Con October 2013 – Cosplay Music Video


MCM Expo – London Comic con took place in October 2013 and likely to be the last one of the year for us we took our flycam up to London Excel and battled typical English weather to film the best cosplayers we saw.

As always huge thank you to everyone who took part & all the support in helping to make this video possible!

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Song Used.
Radical Something – “Say Yes”
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Music Video –
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YouTube Page –
Thank you to MCM Expo for the event:
Thumbnail from:
Photographer Matthew Dudley…
Edited by Daniel Wall…
Cosplayer Wolfe Cosplays
Post roll image from: Ian B Photography…
Cosplayer: Shiaya Cosplay
Filmed on a Canon 5Dmk3, with a FlyCam 5000 (Thanks to ) Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects.
If you would like us to put your cosplay page in the links leave a comment and we’ll add it here:
Assassins Creed – Birds of Truths:
Beritra from AION & post roll image:…
Dawnguard from Skyrim:…
Morticia Adams & Huntress – Lolal in Progress cosplay:…
Gomez Addams – TigerLily Cosplay:…
Lutece twins – Velocity Cosplay:
Deadspace – PapaSmurf cosplay:…
Princess Flame – Lucy Saxon:…
Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit – Nightmare in Wonderland:
Sam – Lord of the Rings: http://www.steampunk-detective.tumblr…
Frodo – Lord of the Rings:
Street Fighter Group:
angel of death (0:04)…
Hunter: Comstock Cosplays –…
BeetleJuice Cosplay:­entlydeceased
Alan Garner from Hangover – Wreck it cosplay:
Gary King from The Worlds End – I’ve Got Red On Me:
Katniss – The Hunger Games:
Quiet & Punished Snake
Christie Monteiro from Tekken 4
Aqua from Kingdom Harts – Akwa Cosplay:
Animamiac – Hartles Cosplay:…
Lone Ranger – Digichai Cosplay:
Red from Lone Ranger – Taisies Cosplay:
Khaleesi from Game of Thrones – Aigue Marine:…
Black Canary from Raychul Moore
Dog from DashFuzzieTail:…
Zatanna & Emma from Le Chevalier D’Eon – Gaida Robin: http://www.facebook com/GiadaRobin
Na’vi from Avatar -The Blue Girl:…

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Sneaky Zebra

Sneaky Zebra is a UK based film duo making all the awesome, funny and geeky videos we want. Made up of Gary Scullion - AVID editor and Nick Acott - Stills Photographer.Also featuring a Zebra

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