Lady Death Cosplay

Lady Jaded looks super sexy as the dark and alluring Lady Death! Here’s what she had to say about it…

“Lady Death becomes her… She is the ruler of Hell, a saviour of the universe and the avatar of Death. Such power and determination, with looks that could kill, Lady Death truly is the whole package and a challenging cosplay for me. Her story started back in medieval times when she was called Hope. Unfortunate events then found her in Hell in search of her father to which she later fought and won against Lucifer himself; the one who gave her power and the sword and lets not forget that sexy outfit either! Now who would not be tempted to cosplay her? Ok, the outfit is difficult to pull off, so is the white skin but I think all that is Lady Death was captured in this gothic collection. Red goblets – tick. Cemetary – tick. Sword – tick. Scythe – tick. Daring cosplayer – tick. Extremely creative photographer – tick 😉 If you enjoy these please check out more cosplays by Lady Jaded and also lets not forget to check out the amazing work of the photographer. I’m sure that they would love to receive your feedback too so please dont be shy and send a like and a PM xo”

Cosplayer: Lady Jaded

Photographer: David Woolley Photography

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Geeks Life Luxembourg

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