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  • Why Geeks Life Luxembourg? Because we life in Luxembourg and are Geeks.
  • Do you accept sponsored posts? Yes we do. However, the featured image and author will both be labeled as such, so that if you want to read all of our sponsored posts or know what was sponsored – you can! We’re a big fan of full transparency.
  • What are your fees for writing reviews? There are none. We will never charge to write a review, but do require a copy of the game to do so.
  • I have a mobile game that’s available for free. Will you please review it? You are welcome to submit a request for us to check out your game. If it is something we think our readers will like (most are), we will place it in the review queue.
  • Check out my KickStarter! Would you write an article on it? We always enjoy writing articles about up and coming products, tech, and games! All we ask is that you send us one to review after we write the preview article, so that our readers can find out more once it is released!
  • I want to write for Geeks Life Luxembourg! Will you have me? We’re always looking for fresh and interesting people to joing our team!
  • Can i use the photos on your site? Of course you can use our photos and post them where you want but please mention our site and credit the photograph. To also support Geeks Life Luxembourg.
  • Wanted to ask if you could send me the picture of me?  We would like to send everyone there photos but do to the amount of the requests, it is not possible for us to do that at this moment. But you can download every photo form our site. When you click on one photo that’s opens the Carrousel view. There you will see, when you scroll down (view in full size) Click on it. From there you can download the full-size image. Right click. Save Picture as …

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