Gamescom 2015 – Gamescom Reports Record 345,000 Visitors

This years Gamescom 2015 was the biggest ever in its history since beginning in 2009. This year, they are reporting a record breaking 345,000 (2014: 335,000) visitors from 96 (2014: 88) countries. That includes 33,200 (2014: 31,500) trade visitors (developers and the like), though that is overshadowed by E3’s, which had about 52,200 this year. Not only were there more visitors, but there was more to see as well with 806 (2014: 703) companies from 45 countries in attendance as well, which gamescom reports as a 14% increase over last year. gamescom credits this to expanded floor space, better visitor flow—an overall improved quality on the visitors’ stay—and a greater diversity of what was on display.

The successes don’t end there either as the conference held at gamescom every year, the gamescom congress, saw a 40% increase in attendance this year. 630 people attended with more than 150 speakers over 40 different panels discussing the influence digital games have had on the economy, society, education and culture.

Gamescom credits the high diversity of presentations and displays as a big part of their increased popularity, with things like new developments in virtual reality an eSports being of interest, as well as having more companies and attendance.

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Sam van Maris

Award Winning Photographer and Artist from Luxembourg.

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