Iron Maiden tours gaming history in their New Video ‘Speed of Light’

Iron Maiden have premiered the video for “Speed of Light,” the first single from their upcoming 16th studio album, the double-disc set The Book of Souls.
Iron Maiden is one of the most prominent bands of all time. Formed in London in 1975, their 37 album discography makes them synonymous with the UK’s heavy metal scene.



The video was produced and directed by Llexi Leon, with animation and visual effects by the Brewery Production Company. In a statement, the band said that the clip “is a ‘homage’ to four decades of video gaming, alongside Iron Maiden’s 40 years of incredible visuals centering on their talisman, Eddie the Head, as he travels through space & time to complete his mission.

Eddie starts out digitising himself before materialising in an 8-bit era pixel art world, equal parts inspired by Donkey Kong, Fast forward to a SNES-style run-and-gun shooter — shades of Robo-cop vs Terminator, then to a Mortal Kombat style beat-’em-up and in the end with a Skyrim or Fallout 3 ego person modern setting.

Speed of Light will be appearing on The Book of Souls, their 16th studio album, out on 4 September.

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Sam van Maris

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