New 52 Batwoman Cosplay

Scarlet Lithium Cosplay looks epic cosplaying as New 52 Batwoman and here’s what she had to say…

“Batwoman is an amazing character so beautiful and love her look! When the new 52 veirson came out and I read the first couple issues I was blown away from the story and art work. I knew from that moment I had to be come Batwoman! It took me over a year creating my Batwoman cosplay, with some help along the way. I made new changes to make my cosplay detailed from the comics and the cape is my most favorite I have made so far. The professional photo shoot in my cosplay was an amazing feeling to create scenes from the comics and fight criminals and finally become her in real life!  I hope everyone will enjoy my cosplay as much as I do! Thanks!”


Model: Scarlet Lithium Cosplay

Photographer: WeNeals Photography and Retouching

Grips/Thugs: Colton Muheim & Chris Damasceno

Leather-work: Terry Furlong

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Geeks Life Luxembourg

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