Loki & Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Silhouette Cosplay and Iloominations Cosplay are looking amazing cosplaying as Loki and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch! Here’s a little more about the shoot…

“Loo and I have wanted to do a specific location shoot for a while now, and we thought it would be very interesting to do a little mix-up of some Marvel characters. We’ve seen Wanda getting into the heads of the Avengers, but what about Loki? Loo was fantastically creepy as Wanda, and the editing was really fun later!”



Model: Silhouette Cosplay as Loki & Iloominations Cosplay as Wanda

Costumes/Edits: Silhouette

Photographer: Myrddin Emrys

Published by

Sam van Maris

Award Winning Photographer and Artist from Luxembourg.

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