New York Comic Con Cosplay Music Video

New York, New York. So good they named it twice and the awesome cosplay at New York Comic Con was no exception! So we took our camera and filmed with all the fantastic costumes and people we could to bring you this cosplay music video from New York Comic Con!

Marvel through to DC, Back to the Future to Rick & Morty and even Ghostbusters to Jurassic World we found so many talented cosplays from comics, TV & Film including the Extreme Costumes Hulkbuster armor and of course couldn’t resist filming with LadyBaby & LadyBeard.

A huge thank you to all the cosplayers, photographers, other videographers and all the people we met whilst there who helped us out & was really welcoming to us. Also to the team at Nerdist who flew us out for the event – love you guys!

If we filmed with you and isn’t shown here, we’re also producing a video for Verizon and their Go90 app – we’ll link to it shortly here.

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Music is “Shame” by “The Strike”

“Shame” Music video:…

Get the song from iTunes:…

The Strike Facebook:

The Strike Twitter:

The Strike Instagram:

The Strike Website:



SuperGirl by Ani Mia

Dark SuperGirl by Uncanny Megan…


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Filmed on a Panasonic GH4, with a FlyCam 5000

Edited with Avid Media Composer, VFX with Adobe After Effects


Cosplayers: (Leave a comment on the video and we’ll link it here)

Hulkbuster Armor by Extreme Costumes –

Black Widow from Marvel by Dollicious…

Thor by Mark Hyrullian

Scarlet Witch by Quinzy Cosplay

Captain America by The Covinator –

LadyBaby / LadyBeard –

Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect by Nathan DeLuca –…

Quite from Metal Gear Solid by Nadyasonika –…

Rouge from X-Men by Monika Lee –…

Emma Frost from X-Men by Aspen Cosplay –

Owen (2) from Jurassic World by Cutting Room Cosplay –…

‎Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street by LeeAnna Vamp –

Baroness from G.I. Joe by Ani Mia

Sarah Palmer from Halo by Its Raining Neon –…

Shao Jun from Assassin’s Creed by Lomelindi Productions –…

Supergirl by Uncanny Megan –

Dark Supergirl By Ani Mia

Ghostbuster by Cutting Room Cosplay…

Original Character by YaYa Han –

Peter Griffin from Family Guy by Real Life Peter Griffin –…

Bane from Batman by Razors Edge…

McThor by McThor –

Stay Puft Marshmellow Dress by Destiny Nickelsen…

Fallout by Stella Chu –

Lowery from Jurassic World by Cutting Room Cosplay…

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Sneaky Zebra

Sneaky Zebra is a UK based film duo making all the awesome, funny and geeky videos we want. Made up of Gary Scullion - AVID editor and Nick Acott - Stills Photographer.Also featuring a Zebra

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