System Shock 3 Teaser

With Night Dive Studios reinvigorating the System Shock community with their excellent work bringing the series into modern gamer’s hands, the once dormant intellectual property is now much more visible than it has been in years. This may be why, thanks to some digging from people at the RPG Codex forums, a teaser site for System Shock 3 was found.


Naturally, at this early stage you aren’t going to find much in the way of info or screenshots, but one tidbit of info you will discover is that Underworld Ascendant developer Otherside Entertainment is the company listed as being responsible for it. This is not surprising, since Otherside founder Paul Neurath was one of Looking Glass Studios’ founding members and along with Warren Spector, Doug Church, and Austin Grossman was one of the men responsible for the initial brainstorming that led to the original game’s creation.

The first System Shock was released in 1994 with its sequel System Shock 2 coming out 5 years later in 1999. The series has been very influential with Ken Levine who worked on System Shock 2 going on to make it’s spiritual successor, BioShock. Other members of that team went on to create the Dues Ex franchise.

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