Go Fund Geeks Life Luxembourg

Please if you want to support us and go to your Go fund me Page.

We need funds to upgrade our material.

New Editing PC
New Video Cameras
New Studio Gear. Microphones, Green Screens and Lighting Sets

We are also in need for the funds to start our merchandising Campaign .


Here is what Sam van Maris had to say about Geeks Life Luxembourg:

Sandra Tukasch and myself (Sam van Maris) did create Geeks Life Luxembourg in April 2014. And our Website exist Since May 2015.


This Website is like my child. I love it. I work every day after my normal Job on the Website. And i send every free minute one it. Form new Photos to new Articles. Form new Artworks to checking if the layout works. I love working on Geeks Life Luxembourg. Sadly at this moment i come to my limit with my personal money. My old Material is falling apart and is in need of replacement. And the funds for creating merchandising is missing.

Please I will be forever Thankful for every help i can get.



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Geeks Life Luxembourg

If you want to join us contact us under geekslifeluxembourg@gmail.com

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