Funcom Announces a New Conan the Barbarian Game

Funcom has announced they’re working on a new game based on the Conan franchise.

The news comes via a press release, where the developer confirmed they’ve “entered into an agreement with Conan Properties, making it the preferred partner for all PC and console games based on the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ brand and the world of Hyboria.”

What does this mean for their existing MMORPG, Age of Conan, you ask? Well, Age of Conan’s community reassured players over on the game’s  official forums that the MMORPG isn’t being forgotten:

What does that mean for you all in Age of Conan? Moving forward, one thing we want to make clear is that we are committed to the continued development of Age of Conan into 2016 and beyond. We are all excited to be gaining a Game Director and expanding our development team in the near future! The development of the new Conan game will not interrupt any development on Age of Conan.

The new project will be produced by a different team within Funcom; the current development of Age of Conan will not be impacted. The PvE and PvP arena system will come to fruition. The raid finder will be unleashed. We are evaluating our membership system at a fundamental level, working to increase overall convenience and accessibility for rookies and veterans alike–including Khitai access for owners of RotGS. We hear you!

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