‘Ditto’ by Miracle Of Sound


Industrial/electronic song inspired by SOMA
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Thoughts swim in black holes
A multiverse of minds I ride
Divide and multiply by none

Shared scraps of one soul
The blindfold tears into the eyes
Scream with the voices of no-one

A yawning empty space
Defective interface

Stare through the mirror of the self
Reflect the face of someone else

Force flex the engines
Courtship of chemical and chrome
Locked into unions of demand

Tissue to tendon
Congeal to seal my catacomb
Secrete the soul from rancid glands

The ocean’s cold embrace
Defective interface

Stare through the mirror of the self
Reflect the face of someone else

Divide the zero down
Sunder and multiply me
Divide the zero down

I won’t be explaining the meanings behind the lyrics in this song guys. I wanted it to be completely up to the listener’s own interpretation, in the spirit of SOMA’s atmosphere. Try to see it as a stream of consciousness rather than something solid, obvious and literal. Obviously one cannot ‘divide a zero down’ but that phrase and every other lyric tie into SOMA’s themes in abstract, incorporeal ways. You just might have to think about it a little & decide for yourself what it all means 🙂 If you try to apply logic and literalism to words and phrases that weren’t written to express or communicate these things, you won’t enjoy the song. Enjoy it for what it is 🙂 Luv ❤ Gav

Published by

Miracle of Sound ( Gavin Dunne )

Miracle Of Sound brings you original music, covering many themes including life, love, and all your favorite stories from videogames, movies & TV! All songs are written, performed and produced by Irish musician/producer Gavin Dunne

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