“Meeeh, don’t look at me” – 1st April, Love Live style

The franchise has prepared a few surprises for all Love Live fans, some coincidentally on this special date. While the music group μ’s has held a successful Final Love Live concert at Tokyo Dome, the staff behind the Android/iOS game “School Idol Festival” has contributed its part as well. The 25 million users special login bonus is still going on, but in celebration of the μ’s concert, developer KLab has decided to give away a scouting ticket.



Thus, players can gain at least a free scouting ticket and a heart (or even 2 scouting tickets) simply by logging in today.



In addition to that, KLab has decided to join in on the April’s Fool train and let the alpacas loose. Log in only today until midnight (in your timezone) to see what the fluffy companions have to say!


…and of course a new Medley Festival Event has started just today too, this time starring Kotori!


All pictures are taken from the Love Live School Idol Festival-French Group: https://www.facebook.com/LLSIFfrench/?fref=ts

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Geeks Life writer & editor who likes Japanese street fashion, Touhou music and Love Live. Also a cosplayer under the name NozoMinaj and part of the cosplay unit Navigators.

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