Luxcon 2016 Report – Day 2


The second day at Luxcon was a little less busy overall. Despite the excellent weather, the Schungfabrik and surrounding grounds were less crowded than on Saturday during the early hours (but things gained momentum once the Cosplay Contest started … more about that later!).


Indie game developpers

Besides hanging out outside and enjoying the very photo-friendly weather, several people were found inside the Schungfabrik, playing various games. On the second floor we got the chance to shake hands with game developpers Benjamin Frantzen (23, easily recognizable with a hat) and Olivier Colson (also 23, wearing a long black coat). Together they form an independent gaming studio with the catchy name (how could it be any different?) “A Coat & a Hat”.


The stand of the two former informatics students at Belgian university Louvain-la-Neuve was all about their own product, “Eternity Knights”. Everything about the game was laid out here, from character design sketches made by artist Claris Vaes (whose works could also be admired at Luxcon) to background information about the studio. “Eternity Knights is a mix between a city builder and a RPG”, hat-wearing Benjamin told us. Thus the game is based on building your own city, but at the same time, decisions you make by interacting with other Eternity Knights for example will affect the rest of the storyline. “There are choices to make which will affect the course of the game”, Benjamin explains. “We wanted to create something cohesive and make sure the storyline makes sense.”


The philosophy of the two masterminds behind “Eternity Knights” can be summed up as “create games because it’s your passion rather than for the big cash and stay close to the players”. Besides presenting their works at conventions, they also hold online meetings with fans, thus really staying in contact with the community built around the game.

Coat-wearing Olivier also told us that he’s the head of a group related to the Gundam universe and that he had considered establishing a stand at Luxcon with that group too. The members make up a close-knit community that meets on Wednesday every week. When asked about Luxcon, Olivier replied that despite being here for the first time, he liked the convention and may come back.


The Cosplay Contest

This year’s Cosplay event was a huge success, with a whopping total of 17 participants (some of which came in groups). Quite a few fandoms and backgrounds were represented: the impersonations ranged from fantasy/science-fiction character over a duo of cross-dressing agents all over to Buddha! Unlike the previous years, the prejudging of the costumes took place behind the scene, with the jury consisting of 3 cosplayers taker a closer look to seams and details. The question whether parts of the costume were bought or self-made was taken into consideration too. This was the first part of the judging process.


The actual spectacle in front of the public started with the second part: performances. All the participants had to do a short performance of max. 2-3 minutes in front of the crowd. There were thus 2 categories in which 3 prizes were given out: costume and performance – and then also the grand prize, “Luxcon’s Cosplay Champion 2016”.

The latter went to a cosplayer impersonating fantastic creature Krampus. Magni Bronzebeard, Angela and Vulnona were the characters that took home the “best costume” trophies whereas the best performances were impersonations of League of Legends’ Diana, Tomee and a sexy Shinobu who gave a rather captivating show.


From left to right: Cosplay Champion 2016, 1st prize for best costume, 3rd prize for best costume

Check out GLL’s backstage pictures of all the participants here:


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