Worbla & Tony Moly products now sold in Luxembourg

Good news for Cosplayers and fans of Korean cosmetics in Luxembourg alike!


According to reports, popular props- and armor-making material Worbla is now available at ‘Bastelkiste’ in Luxembourg-city. The craft store currently offers 3 versions of Worbla: black, transparent and the regular, brownish one.

Worbla is a thermoplastics brand that has become incredibly popular for cosplayers and crafters, especially when it comes to making armors. Worbla’s Finest Art, one of the sold materials, is usually heated with a heat gun or another crafting device that reaches sufficiently high temperatures. When heated, the shiny side becomes adhesive and can be molded, shaped and glued according to your will. The Worbla plate is then sanded and can be painted on afterwards.


More info on http://www.worbla.com/



Where to buy:
17, rue du Fort Elisabeth
1463 Luxembourg


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 p.m.
closed on Sundays



On a skincare- and cosmetics-related note, make-up store ‘Sephora’ now sells certain lip balms and hand creams from Korean brand TONY MOLY, which is also popular among K-Pop singers. The lip balms coming in funny shapes like fruits and the other products have only been added to the ‘Sephora’ shelves this year and are now available in Luxembourg’s stores.




Shot at the store near the train station in Luxembourg-city, but they should available at the others too

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