Metroid 2 Fanmade Remake AM2R Released


August 6th, 1986 is a very important date for gaming. It was the release date of the original Metroid game, for the Japanese Famicom Disk System. 30 years later and Metroid is a well known franchise that has established itself as the benchmark for a whole genre of games. The tales of the Galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran have been enjoyed by both old and new fans throughout the years.

So it’s a nice surprise to see that AM2R has been released just in time for the anniversary.AM2R is a fanmade Metroid 2 Remake project that took several years to completion. It adds the features of newer Metroid games like Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission, and uses a new engine to bring an updated version of Metroid 2.

AM2R can be downloaded for free on the project’s website.


  • Metroid Zero Mission style gameplay
  • Map system
  • Updated enemy AI
  • Minibosses
  • New areas
  • Challenging Metroid fights
  • Stackable beam system
  • Completely redrawn enemy and Metroid sprites
  • Log system with non-intrusive narrative
  • High quality soundtrack

Published by

Sam van Maris

Award Winning Photographer and Artist from Luxembourg.

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