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Game of Code – 2nd edition of a Hackathon “made in Luxembourg”

ITOne, in partnership with Docler Holding has announce the second edition of Game of Code at the Geesseknappchen Forum in Luxembourg on March 11th and 12th 2017.

For the 1st edition, the Hackathon gathered more than 200 visitors and 35 teams of developers and designers who participated in the two challenges designed by Docler Holding and Digital Lëtzebuerg. The participants and speakers came from all over Europe.



The game is simple: 24hrs of coding based on web development, during which the best European developers will compete. Marton Fulop COO of Docler Holding explains,

“We are proud to contribute to this second edition and we believe such an initiative will help attracting IT Talents to Luxembourg. This is part of the company’s mission”.

This year, the challenge created by Docler Holding will focus on virtual, distant and augmented reality. Francis Bourre, Software Architect at Docler Holding, sets the scene:

“As with any adventure, the story of one person will perhaps build the story of all. Alice is the name of our main character, engineer and researcher in her spare time, she has developed an application to sublimate the everyday life and recover our imaginary deceased. We now propose to imagine the world of tomorrow, through the eyes of Alice and to rehabilitate the dream by combining it with the digital. In terms of technologies, everything is allowed: JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Java, Python, Unity … The list is not exhaustive, as long as the application is executable in a web page or on a mobile phone. Concerning the devices, controllers and connected objects of all kinds, no restriction either: Kinect, Wii, Leap Motion”.

“We are pleased to be able to get the same main support this year, namely from Docler Holding and Digital Lëtzebuerg. This shows the interest from private companies willing to attract new developers and from the public sector, which works to make Luxembourg a Smart Nation through Digital Lëtzebuerg”

, comments Kamel Amroune, Managing Director of ITOne.

Gathered by teams of 3 to 4 people, IT experts will also have the opportunity to meet industry professionals during the weekend to discuss their ambitions and likely seize professional opportunities in Luxembourg. As for the 2nd challenge, the topic will be open data just like last year; additional information will be provided in January.

This year, initiatives in favour of education and the awakening to technologies will also be put in place throughout the weekend.

The pitch sessions will begin on Sunday, March 12th at 2PM and the entrance will be free.

To get more information and to register go to:

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