Game of Code, the Hackathon of the Grand-Duchy

This weekend, the second edition of Game of Code, the Hackathon “made in Luxembourg”, organized by IT One, Docler Holding and Digital Luxembourg took place at the Forum Geesseknäppchen.


The event brought together 150 developers and designers in 33 teams who participated in the two challenges. .A Distorted Reality Challenge and the Open Data Challenge. The Event was organised by IT OneDocler Holding and Digital Lëtzebuerg.


Distorted Reality Challenge

The Distorted Reality challenge, designed by Docler Holding and focused on augmented and virtual reality, rewarded in third place the “Codimeo”, a team of 13 years old children; In second place the team “Division Zero” and was won by “New Folder” from Epitech Nancy.

The winning teams received vouchers of 1000€ for each Team member (1st place), 500€ for each Team member (2nd place) et 250€ for each Team member (3rd Place) for the online hotel reservations website as well as VIP tickets for the ICT Spring and the gala dinner of the event.


Open Data Challenge

The Open Data Challenge, created by Digital Lëtzebuerg, in third place the team Sigi; in second place “Semantic Cube” from arhs Cube and was won by the team “Whatever”. This challenge also had a Special Price that went to the 12-13 year old developers of the CoderDojo Team.

The winning teams received 4000€ (1st place), 3000€ (2nd place), 2000€ member (3rd Place) and  1000€ (Special Price).


A Hack4kids has also taken place, gathering together 20 children for an introductory coding session.

Training future generations in coding and IT is a key element of Luxembourg’s success.

said Melanie Delannoy, Head of Public Relations at Docler Holding.

The Hackathon: Game of Code 2017  is one of the first IT highlights of this year in Luxembourg and its third edition will take place next year.

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Sam van Maris

Award Winning Photographer and Artist from Luxembourg.

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