Star Trek Discovery: A Reboot, and The Axanar Connection


Ever since it was announced as a vehicle to promote the CBS streaming service All Access, «Star Trek Discovery» has been mired in controversy. Enough information has slipped through the cracks that it should be clear to most paying attention that something is indeed off with the production of Star Trek Discovery.

To bring newcomers up to speed, we will in this video first provide a quick recap of the official information about Star Trek Discovery, as well as the rumors we covered in our earlier video on the subject.
Then, we’ll look into the recent official news about the production, before giving you an update on the most recent rumors making the rounds. Finally, we will cover the creative decisions that may be at the heart of the matter, and how this all ties in with Star Trek Axanar, and the Orville.

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Prelude to Axanar:…

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Sam van Maris

Award Winning Photographer and Artist from Luxembourg.

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