Venom now connected with Spider-man and part of the MCU! Or not?


In a June 18th interview with Filmstarts, Amy Pascal let us all know what we wanted to hear, namely that Venom will be part of the MCU, and that Tom Holland’s Spider-man very well might show up in it. That is however the opposite of what we have been told up until now, so her comments kind of took everyone by surprise, none more so than Kevin Feige.
And since this comment didn’t come from Kevin Feige or anyone from Marvel, but Amy Pascal of Sony fame, the question remains if this indeed should be considered as confirmation that Venom will indeed be part of the MCU, or if it should be dismissed as Amy Pascal having another Amy Pascal moment and speaking out of turn.
Pending official clarification, @AndreEinherjar will inn this video provide some relevant background context, connect some dots, and provide some scenarios which might serve explain what might be going on here.

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