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Hellraiser: Behind the Scenes of all the Original Sequels

Midnight’s Edge is teaming up with Gary J. Tunnicliffe to give you the detailed behind the scenes history of the Hellraiser franchise, from the mainstream highs of «Hellraiser III», and the production troubles on «Hellraiser: Bloodline», to the lowest points of the direct to video releases Inferno, Hellseeker, Deader and Hellworld. No holds will be barred.

Gary J. Tunnicliffe is the writer and director of «Hellraiser: Judgment». Outside of his long involvement with the Hellraiser franchise, dating back to 1992, Tunnicliffe has worked on numerous other films and franchises, such as Blade, Dracula, Halloween, Candyman, Scream, Mimic, and the Exorcist, as well as standalone movies like Olympus has Fallen and Gone Girl to name but a few.

This is Part I of the Talking Hellraiser series, in which Gary shares how he became involved with the franchise, and his take on what transpired behind the scenes of all the original movies starring Doug Bradley as the iconing Pinhead, The Hell Priest.

Interview Part 1 Hellraiser: Behind the Scenes of all the Original Sequels

Interview Part 2 Why Hellraiser Revelations turned out the way it did

 Interview Part 3 Hellraiser Judgment: Development and why Doug Bradley was Recast

Interview Part 4 Hellraiser Judgment Explained: Production, Budget and Influences

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