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We started in April of 2014 with the goal of keeping people up to date on news about the Geek Life in Luxembourg, Events, Conventions, and everything geeky in Luxembourg and around. We are aiming to expand as quickly as we can, and are looking for advertisers to grow with us as we use the revenues earned to market the site ourselves.

We’ve loved watching our family of readers grow every month since our start!

We’re always looking for people to advertise directly on the site.If you’re interested in what we have to offer as a publisher and want to advertise with us, please e-mail us at

Join The Geeks Life Luxembourg Crew

Take Photos for Geeks Life Luxembourg:

We are must off all a site that coverage events in and around Luxembourg. Nothing is to big nothing to small. And we are in need of good photograph who are willing to join us.

Write for Geeks Life Luxembourg:

Geeks Life Luxembourg is a event coverage, gaming news and review website. We’re here for anything geeky, events, gaming, movie and technology related. With posts that range from general informations and Interviews, to gaming, reviews and how-to’s, we have a diverse range of topics to write about!

That said, we have a number of positions available for writers.

Note: This is only available for people 18 and older, you must be of legal age to apply! If your country has a higher legal age of signing a writing contract, you must be above that age as well.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Note: Writers are required to write 1+ articles a month in order to be considered “Active”

We’re looking for people who love the geek life in Luxembourg. Here’s what positions we are looking to fill :

News Writer – are required to write news, writers are expected to write news pieces on top of their editorials and reviews. News pieces should not be copied press releases.

Review Writers – We need people to write reviews of Events, Conventions, Games, Movie, Anime, Manga, TV, Series, Comics, Technology and Gadgets!

Editorial Writers – We need people to share opinions, analyze and write about big events that people should know about. This also includes Luxcon and other Conventions coverage. (People who can write news and reviews are much needed)

YouTubers interested in doing regular video segments for the site. We want to grow our userbase on Youtube and are looking for video content producers who can do interviews, are great in front of the camera, or can do video reviews and if possible – a daily or weekly news segment! Please attach your work to your application.

We are looking for people with good writing skills and some humor to insert into the articles! You can write about just about anything you want!

We are living and based in Luxembourg and you can write in the Language you want to write. In this moment English is the Language that is most used on our site but we are living in a country where more than four Languages are in practice.

There is opportunity for advancement!

We’re a growing site. The people who write for Geeks Life Luxembourg and stick with us have an opportunity for advancement on the site. We are at this moment small but we have big thinks planned.

Must use real name, and picture for the site. If this is an issue, please inform us in the email.

If this all looks good to you, email

We look forward to hearing from you!

Because we want you to join our Crew!


  • Why Geeks Life Luxembourg? Because we life in Luxembourg and are Geeks.
  • Do you accept sponsored posts? Yes we do. However, the featured image and author will both be labeled as such, so that if you want to read all of our sponsored posts or know what was sponsored – you can! We’re a big fan of full transparency.
  • What are your fees for writing reviews? There are none. We will never charge to write a review, but do require a copy of the game to do so.
  • I have a mobile game that’s available for free. Will you please review it? You are welcome to submit a request for us to check out your game. If it is something we think our readers will like (most are), we will place it in the review queue.
  • Check out my KickStarter! Would you write an article on it? We always enjoy writing articles about up and coming products, tech, and games! All we ask is that you send us one to review after we write the preview article, so that our readers can find out more once it is released!
  • I want to write for Geeks Life Luxembourg! Will you have me? We’re always looking for fresh and interesting people to joing our team!
  • Can i use the photos on your site? Of course you can use our photos and post them where you want but please mention our site and credit the photograph. To also support Geeks Life Luxembourg.
  • Wanted to ask if you could send me the picture of me?  We would like to send everyone there photos but do to the amount of the requests, it is not possible for us to do that at this moment. But you can download every photo form our site. When you click on one photo that’s opens the Carrousel view. There you will see, when you scroll down (view in full size) Click on it. From there you can download the full-size image. Right click. Save Picture as …

Send an email to


Ethics Policies

Ethics Policies

We take our jobs seriously here, especially when it comes to giving our readers the best and most accurate information. We want to make sure that we can be trusted to bring our readers the best articles, and more – so we’re implementing a new ethics policy in light of recent issues in the industry. Geeks Life Luxembourgs Ethics Policies are applied to all writers, and will be enforced in all cases in order to maintain journalistic integrity.


Policy on Reviewing Assets and Promotional Materials

Approved staff members are permitted to request and receive software and hardware on behalf of Geeks Life Luxembourgs for the purpose of previewing, reviewing, or publishing other editorial content. All returnable software and hardware will be returned to the provider once the article/video related to the item(s) is completed, or it will used in a contest or giveaway. Note: Some received items are either un-returnable or non-transferable. An example of this would be a review code given to press only, which may stay permanently with a staff member or on the associated Geeks Life Luxembourgs account (e.g. Steam).

Approved staff members may also request game-related merchandise, solely for the purpose of a contest or giveaway – never for their own personal ownership.

Note: Reviews will always have some small factor of opinion depending on the person, but we make sure to assign certain game genres to writers who actually play those particular genres, in order to get the most impartial reviews as well as correct criticism.


Policy on Developer Relations

Geeks Life Luxembourg does not accept monetary compensation for reviews, and such requests will be denied. If a developer requests Geeks Life Luxembourg reviews their game or product, then all that is required is a code or copy of said game in order to review it.

Articles written by Geeks Life Luxembourgs staff are the work of the particular authors, and are not allowed to be swayed by money, merchandise, or threats. Any articles seen as a conflict of interest will be subject to the Policy on Conflicts of Interest.


Policy on Travel, Accommodations, and Gifts

Staff members may not accept travel, accommodations, or gifts of any nature from a company, representative, or associate that may have an interest in the content produced by Geeks Life Luxembourg no matter of the value. Geeks Life Luxembourg does not accept travel or hotel accommodations for its staff from companies hosting an event that requires transportation and accommodation. Any deviation from this policy will be made public.


Policy on Conflicts of Interest

Staff members must disclose publicly certain conflicts of interest that may affect the objectivity of a preview, review, or editorial content. Both personal and professional relationships must be disclosed to Geeks Life Luxembourg before a preview, review, or editorial is written to determine whether the staff member should continue creating the content. When it is deemed that the conflict is minor, the staff member may continue as long as they publicly disclose the relationship. Geeks Life Luxembourg will never knowingly publish material where a discussion of conflict has occurred, without publicly disclosing the nature of the conflict along with the material – even if that conflict is deemed insubstantial. When a conflict is deemed significant, another staff member will be assigned to the project.

If a case arises where a staff member did not disclose a conflict of interest to the Geeks Life Luxembourgs staff and Geeks Life Luxembourg publishes the material, the published material will be either amended (to disclose the conflict of interest) or removed altogether (if that conflict is deemed significant). Any staff member who fails to disclose a conflict will be reprimanded accordingly.


Policy on Industry Participation and Public Appearances

Staff members are encouraged to be active members of the video game industry, whether that be through public appearances in person, on another website, on a YouTube channel, or anything else of that nature on behalf of Geeks Life Luxembourg.  They may serve that role as a personality, judge, panelist, or anything else of that nature. Staff members are expected to be knowledgeable of a vast array of video game topics and issues to the point that they are capable of creating convincing views and opinions.


Policy on Third-Party Competitions and Contests

Staff members are permitted to participate in video game competitions held by a company, representative, or associate that may have an interest in the content produced by Geeks Life Luxembourg. Participation in such competitions can lead to certain conflicts of interests, which would then become subject to our Policy on Conflicts of Interest. Any prizes received would be subject to the Policy on Reviewing Assets and Promotional Materials.


Policy on Patreon/Related Patronage Sites, and Kickstarter

Staff members are permitted to participate in sites such as Patreon and other patronage sites, however that patronage must be disclosed to at least Geeks Life Luxembourg. Public disclosure will be left to the staff member’s discretion. Geeks Life Luxembourg will regard any such patronage as a direct conflict of interest, meaning the staff member will be unable to publish any preview, review, or editorial relating to that member’s patron, whether that be about the patron personally or the product/service.

Staff are permitted to donate to Kickstarter and other related sites, as in most cases backing a project on Kickstarter is akin to pre-ordering a game. Staff must disclose their involvement (the level of backer) to Geeks Life Luxembourg if they wish to preview, review, or write an editorial about it. Judgments on the disclosure will fall under the Policy on Conflicts of Interest.

Any staff member who fails to disclose such information will be reprimanded accordingly.


Policy on News Gathering and Accreditation

Geeks Life Luxembourg and its staff consult hundreds of sources when gathering information for both news and editorial content. When available, the content will contain a direct link to the source(s) from which it is referencing.

If you feel we have not properly credited you or your outlet, please refer to our Contact us page so the issue can be sorted out.


Policy on Advertising

If Geeks Life Luxembourg uses ads served by third-party companies (i.e. AdSense, BuySellAds, etc) which are subject to our review. Ads which do not fit Geeks Life Luxembourg interests (i.e. fake downloads, etc) will be removed. In the case that advertising is set up in a first party nature, said advertising will not be allowed to affect content on the website.

About us

Geeks Life Luxembourg is committed to helping people get the most out of their Geeks Life and everything in between.

As your alternative source for event coverage, news, reviews, and articles in the Geek Culture. Started in April of 2014 by The two Founders, Sam van Maris and Sandra Anna Tukasch, Geeks Life Luxembourg has evolved into a site that grow to be the best place for people to find Photos, Videos from Events in and around Luxembourg and to get News, Interviews, Reviews and much more.

We also want to show off the best Events for our readers, and maybe show off a few things people haven’t even heard of!

We’re here because of our readers, and we keep doing what we do because of them. With that said, we always encourage you to comment on our posts, or contact us if there’s something you’d like to see.

-Event and festival coverage.

Our Photographs are covering events, festival in and around Luxembourg. From Conventions to Music-Festivals , from Gaming-evenings to Cosplay-gatherings. Nothing is to Big and Nothing to small. If you want us on your event please contact us at

-Photo-shoots for Cosplayers.

If you want or need to do a professional photo-shooting, we are the ones you are shearing for. We have award winning photographers. But we need the Models. So if you are a Cosplayer in our around Luxembourg and you want to do a Photo-shoot, contact us at

-Art Contest.

Every Year Geeks Life Luxembourg does its Drawing Contest where people can win great prizes.

-Live recordings for concerts.

Our Team did already Concert recording for many Bands: Clanrock, Lost in Pain, Moof, Kingstones and many more, if you have a Music Band or want a Video-Recording of your Concert, contact us at

-Filming of Music Video’s

If you have a Music Band and want a Music-Video,contact us at


If wanted we have a few workshops :

– Photography 101

– Layout 101

– Drawing 101

– Make Your Own Damn Movie

– Sell Your Own Damn Movie

If you are interested in one of our Workshops Contact us under