Ich interviewe FURSUITER auf der EAST 7 | AkebanShorts


Auf der EAST habe ich ein paar Fursuiter gefilmt und ihnen ein paar Fragen gestellt ^.^

Folgende Fursuiter hatte ich vor der Kamera:
Tzyko, Wolfszahn, Scath, Rocket, Cabro, CSharp, Rhino, Lumi und Kuitschy


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Anime Expo (AX) – The Cosplay Music Video 2017


Our first trip to Anime Expo so go big or go home right? Much like all the amazing cosplayers we saw!

A huge thank you to the team at CrunchyRoll for helping making this happen!
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Crunchyroll offers a huge amount of Japanese anime and Asian content, available to stream on PC, mobile and games consoles. Watch the shows such as Attack on Titan, Boruto & My Hero Academia

A huge shout out to all the cosplayers we met, leave a comment with your page below and we’ll update our credit list!

Of course a massive thank you to all our friends, photographers and videographers who helped make this all happen!

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Sasuke from Naruto by YokoXAoi Cosplay – https://www.facebook.com/YokoXAoiCosp…

Luxcon 2017 – Happy B-Day to Andy Genen


Thanks for Watching

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Hide On Tour – LuxCon 2017



LuxCon 2017 is (unfortunately) over and my friends filmed me in my fursuit. I´ve got a lot material to create this video and I hope you like it.
We had a lot of fun. Maybe I´ll make a video where I will speak a bit about the LuxCon, but I´m not sure yet.
Would you be interested in such a video :3?

Most of the people in the video speak German x3

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Luxcon 2017

Luxcon 2017 Luxcon 2017 Luxcon 2017 Luxcon 2017
2017 war es wieder einmal soweit für die Luxcon.
Dieses Jahr fand es im Forum Geeseknäppchen statt.
Ein Paradis für Cosplay Fans.
Viel Spaß und bis zur nächsten Luxon!

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