Bad Channels – Good Bad Flicks

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If ever there was a movie that fell under the category of “Good Bad Flick”, this is it. There are plenty of movies that I love but this one, I adore. Sure the effects are dated and the story is ridiculous but it is impossible to watch this movie and not be entertained. Aliens take over a radio station and lure hot girls with rock music so they can abduct them to keep as pets. How can you go wrong with that premise? I will never get tired of watching this.

Dante’s Peak – Good Bad Flicks

I live on the east coast and on Tuesday we had an earthquake. Then this weekend we had a hurricane. These are two things that don’t happen around here too often so I felt the overwhelming urge to do an episode about one of my favorite disaster films, Dante’s Peak.

Blood Games – Good Bad Flicks

This week’s episode of Good Bad Flicks I delve a little into the Hixploitation genre with a rare gem called Blood Games. While not as well known as movies like Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes, or Gator Bait, it is a solid and entertaining film that fans of the genre will enjoy.

Surf Nazis Must Die – Good Bad Flicks

There is a gang of Surf Nazis. They must Die. Tune in to this week’s Good Bad Flicks to find out what happens!

An old favorite of mine that not too many folks have ever heard of. The world could use more Granny revenge films with long surfing montages.

The Happening – Good Bad Flicks

Good Bad Flicks wraps up a month of misunderstood mainstream films with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. M Night is a director that gets flack for no good reason. His movies are unique, well shot, and always entertaining. I take a look at his history and talk about how I feel he has become some sort of scapegoat for hollywood.

Stay Alive – Good Bad Flicks

This episode of Good Bad Flicks is about the horror film Stay Alive. Stay Alive is an excellent movie that was almost ruined by it’s producers. Originally intended to be an R rated film, when it was released in theaters it was cut to PG-13. I take a look at the vastly superior unrated cut and point out the many differences between the two versions.