Luxcon 2017 – Happy B-Day to Andy Genen


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Camera: Sam van Maris

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Interview with Andy Genen at the Luxcon 2016


Interview in Luxembourgish.

Our Interview with Andy Genen at the Luxcon 2016. Enjoy.
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Interview done by Mia Schneiders
Camera: Molitor Sven & Angelo Morette
Shot on One Canon Legria HFM46 and one Samsung HMX-F90.
Editing: Sam van Maris

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Andy Gene – Drawing of Geek and the Red Puma

DSC_0087Book signing with Andy Genen Geeks Life Luxembourg Photos Sam van Maris
geek  rouden puma
After  Genen Andy graduation in graphic arts at St. Luke Institute in Brussels, he started as a freelance illustrator and has worked for over many and various projects (creating illustrations of all kinds, advertisements, flyers, sketch-cards for Marvel Comics, some short stories, including one published in America in “Sasquatch” among Viper Comics, another in Germany “Outline” in TheNextArt, etc …).

After -ND – has designed a board in a volume of the Luxembourg series “De Superjhemp” in 2004, he produced with writer Lucien Czuga a comic trilogy called “From leschte Ritter”.

In 2009 born the collaboration between -ND – and John Rech, the singer of the Luxembourg band Dream Catcher, with whom he collaborated on “Sonic Comics,” a synthesis between comics and music albums. These publications also drift “Junior’s Adventures,” which will be published in several magazines  and finally also collected mini-albums. In late 2011, the dynamic duo released the first toms of “Alex & Tun Gefaangen an der Diddelenger Geschicht,” a comic book about the history of the town of Dudelange.

Gene was launched in 2012 on the solo project”de Roude Puma”. In 2015 he did a Cross-over between “de Roude Puma” and the Luxembourigsh Superhero “De Superjhemp”.

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