Gamescom 2015 – Cityconomy

German publisher Astragon, known for making simulators such as Street Cleaning Simulator in 2011, has announced an open-world simulation game where you take control over all the service divisions of a huge metropolis called Cityconomy. The goal is to keep the city in good condition while the needs of citizens change.

As a player, you will play the role of an owner of a private service company, which will provide the services for a hole city. This will include things like waste removal, tow services, maintaining green areas, and more.

Cityconomy promises to feature a city where you can drive wherever you want and take in the sights of the varied districts. As you drive about completing the varied missions, you will have access to many, “faithfully modelled vehicles and machines.”

You’ll slowly gain access to serving more districts with wealthier citizens as you increase your reputation. To do so, you’ll need to make sure you quickly meet the needs of citizens. Once you do, more profitable contracts will become available as you try to service the entire city.

In addition to the main missions out there, Cityconomy will have subtasks for each district, a day-night cycle, as well as promising some detailed graphics. The game will also feature a multi-player mode where Astragon promises those that appreciate and enjoy teamwork will have fun. Details on the multi-player aren’t available at this time.

Cityconomy is aiming for a release for PC sometime in Fall of this year.

Take a look at Cityconomy‘s trailer below to see it in action.