Money talk – Youtube, Patreon & the future of my work


My Patreon page!!!
Thank you so much for supporting my work guys. You are the best audience a nerdy musician could ever wish for & I love ye ta fuck
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Hey lovelies, before you ask: Will some songs be kept away for people who pay? NO!!!! Not now, not ever. My songs will never be kept behind a paywall EVER. 100% of my songs will always be available to ALL my fans, regardless of your financial situation.

I made and released songs when I was completely broke because I LOVE MAKING MUSIC and I always will. It’s my #1 love and passion in life and always will be.

We live in a time when the rich keep getting richer and the poorest keep losing more – and yet the rich keep being rewarded for having more money. My view is that everyone, no matter your financial, historical, ethnic or class background deserves to experience the exact same joy, release & emotional satisfaction of art EQUALLY. I believe EVERY fan should be able to hear every song I make including my broke fans.

I love you guys just as much as people who can afford to support. My Patreon just gives a few extra bonuses to people who decide they would like to keep me making more songs. Stuff like early access to demo versions of my songs & the artwork as well as private feedback channels. Which I think is pretty fair, because I can’t make this much music if it isn’t my job. If you think it’s not fair enough or would like to see higher tiers added, please feel free to let me know and also why you feel that way. I’m open to all opinions 🙂

I will not entertain ‘Waaa artists who want to earn a living are e-begging’ comments – we are at a philosophical impasse there & always will be so let’s not fuckin’ bother. Thank you so much to everyone who is contributing. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that you guys are keeping me making music as my job. it’s an incredible thing and I hope I can continue to make music that pleases your ears & souls ❤

You guys fucking rock. I could not ask for a more supportive, wonderful audience. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Thank you for allowing me through your support, to make so much music and make music my #1 focus in life. I honestly teared up when I saw the reaction to me launching a Patreon. I promise I’ll make it worth your while with the awesomest tunes 🙂

You are all equal in my eyes. I will never Mar-A-Lago you.

Big love Gav

Writer’s Take on Shibuya Spring/Summer Fashion 2016

Note: This is a stricly personal contribution. Anything stated here stems from the writer’s point of view and her personal tastes, but do feel free to share your opinion on this season as well!



2 happy ‘d.i.a.’ shop staff girls

Part 1:

Part 2:


Although I’m not one to follow many trends for the sake of it, there’s a lot of inspiration to pick from this season’s styling. The silhouettes are interesting, there seems to be a lot more going on with sleeves and tops in general cut-wise (though I do miss creative prints this season). The wide pants and flowing bottoms get a thumbs-up from me as well, kind of breaking of a bit with the skinny-pants-always trend going on around here.

My biggest pet peeve is still the lack of colour choices. While tropical colours like blue and orange as accents seem to be a thing for most brands, the huge presence of white could bring up interesting results with a wider palette to pick from. That’s one thing I’ve been missing on most shop staff and coordinate pics, but of course these are just trends aka points Japanese fashion is currently focussing on for this season. And these points are just ideas you CAN, but don’t have to go for. I personally still support everyone trying and finding out what works for him/her.;)

This leads to another point: the monopolization of the once colourful Shibuya fashion. The dominating trends are interesting, but unfortunately they seem very standardized with the brands and shop staff I’ve seen so far (not talking about the magazines, the problems there have already been highlighted on numerous sites that discuss Japanese street fashion). Several brands have completely revamped their style (me jane, d.i.a.) to cather to the bigger crowds in Shibuya right now.

Meaning the Onee Gals, LA casual (not sure how to call them, think ENVYM and GYDA style) and Otona Kawaii girls. But at the same time they’ve kind of lost their identity. Rienda and Resexxy, ironically Onee-Gyaru-brands, have been doing well by changing things up without completely revamping what they’ve been doing before. It’s sad because there doesn’t seem to be any Rock-style brand going strong at the moment although there would be creative ways to incorporate the current loose-casual/ethnic trends!


What do you think? Do you miss the more colourful 90s/2000 Japanese street fashions or are you going with the newer looks?

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Inked Geeks zu Esch/Alzette Samsteg, 02 Mee 13:00 – 18:00

Den Free Comic Book Day woar nees een vollen Erfolleg, Geschäftsführer hun ët nach méi grouss opgezun wéi läscht Joer sie haaten iwer 600 Free Comic Book Day Editiounen dovunner 30 verschidden Comicer dobäi an pret fir oofgeholl ze gin.

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