Eli Roth’s Dark Souls Short – “The Witches” (Behind the Scenes)


Eli Roth brought his one of a kind style to the Dark Souls franchise with this animated short called ‘The Witches’. Go Behind the Scenes of the creative process and see how a master of horror was able to blend his unique vision with the world of Dark Souls.

Eli Roth’s Dark Souls 3 Animated Trailer

Bandai Namco has enlisted film director and producer Eli Roth to craft an animated trailer for their upcoming RPG, Dark Souls 3. Known for his horror movies Hostel and Cabin Fever. He brought his iconic vision to the Dark Souls franchise with his animated short ‘The Witches’.

Dark Souls 3 launched in Japan back on the 24th of March, but the rest of the globe will have to wait for its worldwide release on the 12th of April.