Exploring Silent Hill – Good Bad Flicks



This is an OLD EPISODE from back in late 2012. Actually this was my first “Exploring” video which went over so well, it started the Exploring series spinoff. Unfortunately at the time when I first did this I was being flagged by youtube and since the episode was longer than 15 minutes, I couldn’t upload it here.

After that was cleared up I thought I brought it over but never did. So now I am rectifying that. Enjoy.

Exploring Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows – Good Bad Flicks


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I take an in depth look at the hype surrounding the original Blair Witch Project which then leads into a view of the much misunderstood sequel. Both films are great in their own way but unfortunately some studio meddling severely messed up the release of part 2.

This is another episode in my “Exploring” series, which is a serious look at certain films that deserve better recognition.

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