Writer & Director: Ryan Patrick –
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Producers: Nash Cubero (, Sarah Lilly

Katherine Rodriguez as Claire
Randy Irwin as Owen
Sarah Lilly as Deb
Robert Wood as The Pitchman

Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Special Creature Effects: Eric Fox @ Morb-x
Production Designer: Eloise Ayala
Co-Producer: Rich Salamone

Trink Voice: Hannah Baker
Gremlin Voices: Dan Carr, Grayson Stone, Ryan Patrick

First Assistant Director: Jesse Hays
Casting Director: Michael Stonewall Beaudry
Composer: Russ Howard
Additional Music: Grand Soleil

Editor: Collin Davis
Colorist: David Torcivia
Visual Effects: Joe DiValerio @ Space Monkey
Sound Design and Mix: Jackie! Zhou
Title Design: Jesse Merrell
Storyboards: Vick Trola

Art Director: Alexander Stamm
Set Painter: Karina Konupek
Graphic Designer: Emiko Velazco
Art PAs: Whitney Pynn, Kyle Hulett, Fernando Cuestas

Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
Key Grip: Joanna Nyguen

1st ACs: Taylor Harris, Travis LaBella
2nd AC: Chris Chrisenbery
DITs: Colin Anders, Jeff Cromwell
Best Boy Electrics: Isaak van der Meulen, Dave Marmon
Electrics: Nick Street, Rodolfo Martinez, Monica Mejia, Maria Eduarda Alguin Simoes
Swings: Lincoln Webb, Nate Thompson, Yoann Cifuentes
Sound: Paul Cornett

Costume Designer: Chanel Gibbons
Hair and Makeup: Wendy Bermeo
Stunt Coordinators: Simon White, Albert Lannutti

Visual Creature Effects: Melissa Fox, Celena Madrigal, Delaney Como, Tim Lewis, Jimmy Hernandez, Sam Henry, John Prewitt, April Grandos

Location Manager: Tom MacDonald
Craft Services: Karen Gallagher
Catering: Abel Garcia-Rodriguez

Production Assistants: Dino Penava, Joseph Hargrove, Nic de Soto-Foley, Paul Schrodt, Andrew Rosa, Ellen Mulvhill

Extras: Christopher Bobal, Rosalio Garcia, Celena Madrigal

Special Thanks: Emma Huang, Colin Moore,Ellie Johnson, Justin Joseph, Guillaume Le Grontec, Emily Rifkin, Jewel McPherson, Charles A. Bush, Aurélien Drosne, Jose Norton, Chris Amos, John Wikstrom, Joe Sill, John Merizade, Tom Morris, Jean Mougin, Steve Gunner, Mishka Kornai, Bobby Moser, Sam van Maris, Spencer Creigh, Mikey Gonzales, Sarah Holme, Natasha Seubert, Gina Kwong, Steve Wi, Hughie Phillips, Charlie Phillips, Florence Hill, Kyle Steinbach, Matt Griffo, Pasqual Gutierrez, Brendan Varni, Andrew Collins, WeWork, Panavision, Arri,

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with Panavision G Series lenses in Los Angeles, CA.

“Megaman” Fan Film

MegaMan is a non-profit fan film. This film is for entertainment purposes only. MegaMan is the creation of Capcom Entertainment.

A brave robot volunteers to combat the mechanoid minions of a mad scientist bent on world domination.


In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, a Nobel Prize winning professor in the field of Robotics, creates a series of 6 revolutionary robots entitled the “Robot Master Series DRN” in an effort to use robotics as a mean to better mankind. As a personal project, Dr. Light creates 2 androids named Roll (a female) and Rock (a male) who are made to be as human as possible from appearance to behavior. Rock and Roll are, however, also created due to Light’s goal to have the children he was never able to have. Meanwhile, after the creation of the series gains Light his Nobel Prize in Physics and notoriety, his partner and colleague, Dr. Albert Wily, grows enraged and jealous of Light’s success. Secretly, a man who wants control and power, Dr. Wily decides to reprogram and steal the Robot Master series to do his bidding so he can wreak havoc and gain control of the city. As Wily begins to steal more of Light’s creations, it becomes clear to him he has the resources to systemically gain more and more control in an effort to reach his ultimate goal: total world domination. With a strong sense of duty and regard for humanity, Rock volunteers to receive a battle upgrade in an effort to battle Wily’s forces, thus donning the name “Mega Man”. The battle for humanity is now between Mega Man and all the bots at Wily’s disposal.


  • Rock/Mega Man – Jun Naito
  • Roll – Jeanie Tse
  • Blues/Proto Man – Sung-Mo Cho
  • Dr. Thomas Light – Edward X. Young
  • Dr. Albert Wily – Dave Maulbeck
  • Cut Man – Daniel William Clark (voice)
  • Guts Man – Sonicmega (voice)
  • Ice Man – Wayne Chang
  • Bomb Man – Andrew Decrescenzo (voice)
  • Fire Man – Hugo Salazar Jr.
  • Elec Man – Alan Fung
  • Yellow Devil
  • Copy Robot – Jun Naito
  • Selina Daniels – Dara Centonze
  • David the Cameraman – David Horowitz
  • Olga 5000 – Elizabeth Lee
  • JBC Anchor – Ivy Hong
  • JBC Announcer – Caitlin Chang (voice)
  • Billboard Reporter – Kristen Hung