Gamescom 2015 – Shiness: The Lightening Kingdom

A new RPG from French indie studio Enigami has shown off a trailer for their new game called Shiness: The Lightening Kingdom. Shiness was successfully funded on Kickstarter on June 9th 2014 beating it’s goal of $100,000 by almost $40,000. Thought the game was initially planning for a 2015 release they’ve changed to a more realistic goal of getting the game out in 2016 but many of the backers have already been playing the beta.


When the studio needed a bit more funding to be able to make the game as good as they wanted it to be Focus answered their call. Cedric Lagarrigue, Managing Partner of Focus had the following to say about their supporting role,

Focus Home Interactive is working with international studios, but also naturally partners with French studios now renowned such as DontNod, Cyanide, Eugen Systems, Spiders Games, and more. Discovering and supporting new talented local studios, and helping them grow is something deeply anchored in Focus’ DNA. Enigami is one of these young and passionate French studios Focus Home Interactive would love to see emerge in this very competitive industry.

If you want to learn more about the project then you can check out the Shiness official website or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

Gamescom 2015 – ANNO 2205

After heavy anticipation from fans ANNO 2205 has had some news revealed to us this Gamescom. ANNO 2205 is the sixth title in the city building franchise and now allows players to head to space, time to get off Earth and check out the Moon or even the promises of development on Mars. In this game you play as the CEO of a corporation trying to win the space race to not only become the biggest corporation in the world but on a couple of them. The story-lines of ANNO 2070 will be continues as 135 years have passed and all of the factions have been grouped together into the Global Union. It isn’t all easy as there is also the Orbital Watch, a hostile organization that is bent on making your job as difficult as possible but you have to keep pushing if you want to succeed.

Along with energy and employees there is a new value that is important to each of the buildings you create called logistic values. These will affect the world the same way that the influence areas did in prior Anno games, it will mean that not all buildings create influence areas but that some might make a lot larger areas than others. For each of these buildings you are also now able to modify them by adding modules, these might be outcomes like increasing production output, reducing the energy needed for them or even reduce the costs of operation. These new elements will allow you to create a new experience every time you play. Before you can get to the moon though you’ll have to brave the Arctic, it’s here that you will not only have to worry about supplies but also the hostile environments. In the Arctic you will find rare resources that will aid you on your path in the space race.

Crisis Sectors are a new way for players to experience ANNO 2205 a bit different from the regular city building where you will have to fight the Orbital Watch in a variety of military scenarios. There are difficulties associated with Crisis Sectors that give you different levels of rewards but this this is a completely optional part of the game and as such you can get all of these rewards through normal game play as well. In these battles you will command a fleet of a variety of different ship types with just as many abilities at their disposal, this won’t be fast paced combat and still retains the games tactical nature so don’t worry about having to do any fast clicking or knowing all the keyboard shortcuts. Crisis Sectors will be both scripted and random and take place on Earth in the regular area and the Arctic region.

There is still no word though on the status of the closed beta that was meant to be available for those people who pre-ordered.

Gamescom 2015 – Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition

Today at Gamescom 2015 it was announced by Larian Studios that Divinity Original Sin would get an Enhanced Edition to bring the game into current gen and onto the PS4 and Xbox One. As well as all the goodness of the multi-award winning RPG with Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition you will also be able to explore the world with a friend in split screen co-op. This couch co-op has a dynamic split screen where when you and your friend are together you will share a screen but as soon as you move apart a divider will appear so you can travel as far as you want, even explore the entire world apart.

Divinity: Original Sin gives you turn based combat with spells and abilities mixed with learning how to use your environment against the enemy, best of all this game lets you play your own way at your own pace. The game supports different play styles as you can set the game to explorer mode where you will have a small amount of challenge so you can explore to your hearts content or the Tactician mode where you will have the most difficult of challenges thrown your way.

Gamescom 2015 – Dreadnought closed beta

In Dreadnought, you are the commander of a massive spaceship in an ever-expanding sci-fi universe.
Learn how to take the helm and command a gargantuan battleship. Fight in Team Death Match and Team Elimination on battlefields around the galaxy and choose between five unique ship classes, customized and armed with the most powerful weapons.

Dreadnought, the team based space action game, by developers Grey Box and Six Foot has just announced that sign ups for their PC closed beta is now under-way.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4 engine Dreadnought allows you to take control of massive ships for tactical action warfare. You will not only be fighting in space but also across a variety of planets. The massive Battleships that you will be your weapons in these battles come in many different shapes and sizes to bring class based roles to the way that you and your team play, they can even be customized with different armaments, abilities, perks and a variety of visual enhancements.

This game is planning to launch for the PC in 2016 and will be a free to play game that will have not only the online multiplayer mode but a single player campaign. If you can’t wait until then then you can head to the official website to sign up for the closed beta and keep an eye on the official Facebook, Twitter and Twitch to get all the news as it’s revealed on Dreadnought.

Gamescom 2015 – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, the latest in the series, had had a couple of new pieces of information revealed during this Gamescom 2015. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s release date has been moved to the 5th of February 2016 for all regions. This game will include features such as fighting while on walls, with both players on walls or one on a wall and one the ground, the ability to swap between the three characters in your team so it isn’t as separate between the main and support characters, though they will all share a single health bar. The Ultimate, Awakening and Drive fighting styles that were introduced in Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will not be returning for this game though.

Also revealed recently is that for the first time Kaguya, Naruto (Six Paths), Sasuke (Rinnegan), Madara (Six Paths), Obito (Ten Tails Jinchuriki) will join in the battle from the more recent episodes of the anime, or a while ago in the manga. If you preorder this game then you will also recieve Boruto, the son of Naruto and Hinata, and Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, as playable characters.

Gamescom 2015 – New Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer


Konami has released a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Featured above, you can view the new trailer straight from this year’s Gamescom expo.

Gamescom 2015 – Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Demo Flaunts Parkour

EA’s Gamescom press conference showed off an in-game demo of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, bringing with it exciting parkour, dizzying heights, flashy utopian decor, and corruption.

The footage exhibited multi-path levels laden with enemies. In one segment, Faith spotted two guards shaking down someone on a rooftop, but chose to avoid the fight rather than intervene. In another instance, we got a “see that mountain? You can climb it” moment where Faith’s eye in the sky told her to find where she was going by just spotting the company logo on the side of the building.

New enhancements to gameplay could seen in combat as well. In the opening moments we see Faith kicking ass before a cinematic 3rd person shot ala Skyrim ended the fight. Another interesting aspect that went unacknowledged were neon yellow orbs (presumably collectables) that serve some yet unknown purpose.

Later on we see a Splinter Cell style character attempting to steal something (maybe the same data Faith is after?) We don’t know if he is a friend or enemy, but before we can find out he is taken down by some body guards protecting Gabrielle Krueger, the apparent antagonist of the game.

Fans who were hoping for a smoother combat experience this time around may be disappointed to see that Faith (at least as far as the trailer shows) can’t go for a hit and run attack or smoothly take down a guard without coming to a near stop. Some criticized the first game for constantly making the player stop moving (combat, elevators, etc.) and we’ll have to wait and see if EA has plans to address this criticism in the second game. The demo had several jumps in time, so we won’t know until later if elevators make a return or not.

The trailer ends with the games release date: February 23, 2016.

Gamescom 2015 – Mad Catz Teams To Create Licensed Star Citizen Peripherals

Mad Catz Interactive announced today that it’ll be teaming up with Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games to create a range of officially-licensed computer hardware peripherals tied to Cloud Imperium’s crowd-funded space simulation game Star Citizen. The new range of hardware is expected to ship in 2016 and will be released under the Saitek subsidiary of Mad Catz, which carries products focused towards simulation games.

Star Citizen was kickstarted successfully in 2012 and has been undergoing a crowdfunding campaign since in order to further improve the game’s development. The game hopes to deliver an ever-evolving science fiction MMO incorporating both first-person-shooter elements and space flight simulation elements. Along with the online experience, Squadron 42, a campaign aspect of the game is also in development. In addition, through the game’s advanced Newtonian physics engine, Star Citizen enables players to experience space flight with ship control, performance and response calculated based on dozens of dynamically generated physics based variables. Roberts formerly masterminded games like Freelancer and Wing Commander.

“As one of this current generations’ most anticipated games, we are excited to be working alongside the creative forces behind Star Citizen to create a full range of simulation products that we believe will bring an added dimension of immersion to the Star Citizen experience,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. “We continue to focus on expanding the range and reach of our Saitek brand and working alongside Cloud Imperium Games is yet another sign of our intent to grow our business further through strategic partnerships.”

“We are delighted to partner with Mad Catz to help us deliver the full immersive experience in Star Citizen,” said Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium Games’ co-founder and creative director. “Star Citizen already has a history with Saitek. While building the original Star Citizen prototype I showed the Saitek X52™ to the artist modeling the Anvil Hornet cockpit for inspiration on what the joystick and throttle could look like. Also the X52 was featured in a few of our early crowd funding videos. The experts at Mad Catz have a brilliant track record for creating hardware that brings the space sim experience to reality. I couldn’t be more pleased and we are looking forward to seeing the new Star Citizen product line.”

Gamescom 2015 – New amiibos Launching Sept 11th and 25th

At Gamescom 2015, Nintendo has announced a new line of amiibos will be available for purchase September 11th. A second, smaller batch will also be available September 25th.

The amiibos releasing on September 11th are:

  • 30th Anniversary Mario Classic Color
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • Ganondorf
  • Olimar
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Dr. Mario



The 30th Anniversary Mario, modeled after Mario’s look in the original Super Mario Bros., will be compatible with Super Mario Marker, which also releases on September 11th. The official 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. launch is September 13th.

And as mentioned above, another set will be released on September 25th, a Retro pack that includes:

  • R.O.B.
  • Duck Hunt
  • Mr. Game & Watch


Nintendo also mentioned the three pack of Mii Fighters, which were previously announced for September, will be pushed back to some time in November.

How you can preorder, where, and availability is unknown at this time. Nintendo has said to expect these figures and schedules to be released directly from various retailers in the near future.

At the end of the press release, Nintendo says to expect more information regarding the 30th Anniversary Mario in North America in the near future. This of course implies there are separate plans for this particular amiibo. What that means though, Nintendo has yet to reveal.

Gamescom 2015 – Racecraft announced

Everyone get ready to start your engines as you race on an entirely different level with Racecraft by Italy based indie studio Vae Victis games. Racecraft uses a proprietary engine called Camilla that can create an endless number of tracks for you to race on, you will never be limited by what the game launches with as there is a chance you have a race that no one else ever gets close to. Not only is the track and world created from scratch but even your car can be build using different parts from the ground up.

If a completely procedural generated track isn’t your thing then you can also give a set of parameters to Camilla and she will build you a race track to your specifications. This isn’t limited to just the track as you can also pick what rules need to be followed, what cars are allowed and who can play by sharing an invite over various social networks. Multiplayer in this game can be standard head to head racing or you and your friends can work as a team with different people filling different roles including driver, manager, engineer, mechanic, car design. This game has also been built with VR in mind with support for headsets as well as steering wheels and driving seats, this means that you can interact with all of the UI without even lifting a finger off the steering wheel.

If you want to learn more about Racecraft then you can head over to their official website or Game Dev blog as well as check them out on Facebook or Instagram.