E3 2015 – Godzilla comes to PS4

The new Godzilla game from Bandai Namco was showcased at E3. Godzilla: The Game will be coming to PS4 in North America July 14, 2015. The latest trailer reveals a full lineup of Toho film creatures from the original 1954 Godzilla to the latest 2014 version called “Hollywood Godzilla”.

Godzilla features everyone’s favorite Kaiju. From Mothra to Mechagodzilla the game has an impressive roster of monsters to play as or to fight against. Play Godzilla in single player on PS3 or with versus mode and online multiplayer on PS4 in addition to single player.

The story of the game has scientists harvesting the endless source of energy known as G-Energy from Godzilla. Then 60 years later the King of the Monsters returns. G-Energy turns out to be a power-up for the monster as well as a way to stop it.

Destroying things in Godzilla will give players G-Energy and destroying the energy generator in each stage will allow you to proceed to the next area. Destroying structures will also build up your Hazard Level. A high Hazard Level will trigger legendary monsters to come out and players must defeat them.

Godzilla features a movie-style camera angle system which will move the camera to pre-set locations on the map during the game to give it a more cinematic feel. For those not interested in a cinematic style this camera mode can be turned off. There is also a diorama mode that allows players to create their own scene to destroy.

Gameplay modes in Godzilla include a classic destruction mode with over 20 stages to rampage through. King of Monsters mode will offer a time trial to challenge players. The PS4 version of the game will include more monsters than on PS3 all of which you can play as in the online multiplayer mode.