Suicide Squad Harley Quinn by Graceless Cosplay

Amazing Harley Quinn Photo shoot by  Simon Fox Photography and Graceless Cosplay .


“I had been looking to do another Cosplay photoshoot for a while when I happened upon Graceless Cosplay, who just so happened to be based in the same city as I! She is a fantastic model who barely needs any direction, and easily channelled her inner Harley for the shoot. We used a small smoke machine and colour gels to create the look.”

Model/Makeup: Graceless Cosplay – instagram

Photographer: Simon Fox Photography – instagram – twitter

Merry Christmas from Harley Quinn

“I thought about the Grinch who stole Christmas, and totally thought of the Joker and Harley tag teaming to steal Christmas from Gotham! Figured I’d spread a little holiday cheer, especially for those who don’t particularity enjoy the holidays. Enjoy!!” 

Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay as Xmas Harley Quinn

Model: Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay

Photographer: Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay

Harley Quinn Cosplay

Valerie Virgin look simply gorgeous as our favuorite Gotham villainess, Harley Quinn! Here’s what she said about it…

“I know that Harley has so often been cosplayed, but she is just my absolute favorite character. Once again, I worked with my wonderful photographer Stefan and these are the results. I hope you enjoy them as well as me. First, this costume was just my Halloween outfit, but then I thought that it must be simple again photographed properly. 🙂 Follow me on my Facebook fanpage, so you remain with my new cosplays to date. 🙂 And now, have a great day, puddin´. :D”

Model: Valerie Virgin

Photographer: Unique Pictures Photography

Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

We are excited to post another amazing body paint photoshoot from the talented photographer Joey D and body paint artist Allyson Averell! The beautiful Abby Tymchakers does an awesome job as Harley Quinn…


Model: Abby Tymchakers

Photographer:  Joey DeMarco

Body Paint: Allyson Averell