Otani Emiri officially leaves Akishibu Project

Today, Miri-nya officially graduates from idol group Akishibu Project. Her departure has already been announced on the 9th March.

Akishibu Project was formed in 2013 with to aim to connect Akihabara with Shibuya culture. As of now, the current members are leader Yuechi, Hinahi, Saorin-nu, Yuunarin, Abuchan, Amirakuru and Miichan.

Comeback: Utada Hikaru confirms her return to the stage

The famous J-Pop singer has recently announced that she will be returning to the stage on the 4th April, more precisely with “Hanabata wo Kimi ni” and an as of yet unnamed song. The former is going to be the theme song for the Asadora “Toto Nee-chan” whereas the second song will be used as an ending theme for the news program “NEWS ZERO”.

Utada, who gave birth to a baby boy last year, had gone on a hiatus in 2011, citing fatigue as well as a need to deal with personal topics and a willingness to learn about other things besides her musical career. The J-Pop singer has had twelve number-one singles on the Oricon Singles chart. Her album “First Love” currently holds the record of being the best selling Japanese-language album of all time.


NEW-TURN Project: Cherry blossoms for affected regions

In celebration of her return to the scene, a project has been launched, which will partially serve charitable purposes. Fans can contribute to it by purchasing products on the website dedicated to the project (see link below) or tweeting the hashtag #おかえりHIKKI. Every time one of these actions occurs, sakura blossoms will bloom on the site’s main page. Parts of the earnings made  will be donated to non-profit organizations which will plant cherry trees in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Link to the NEW-TURN Project website: http://www.utadahikaru.jp/sakura/


How do you feel about the news? Do you think Hikki’s going to make her grand return, especially with fellow J-Pop queens Namie Amuro and Miliyah Kato grabbing attention with successful releases/comebacks right now?

Miliyah Kato releases FUTURE LOVER -Mirai Koibito- short video

The Japanese Pop/R&B singer has recently released the short version PV of FUTURE LOVER -Mirai Koibito-, which uses Daft Punk’s One More Time as a sample throughout the song. The latter starts with the hook from the hit song released 15 years ago before jumping over to Kato’s own vocals.

The single is set to be released on the 13th January.