Captain Planet Body Paint Cosplay

HAPPY EARTH DAY! We thought we’d celebrate by sharing this amazing Captain Planet body paint on the lovely Ali Crozier! The body paint was done by the Allyson Averell and photography by Joey D who are both awesomely talented…

Captain Planet, he’s our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
He’s our powers magnified,
And he’s fighting on the planet side!


Model: Ali Crozier

Body Paint: Artist: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Terminator Body Paint Cosplay

Kayla Sway looks freaky & sexy in this amazing Terminator body paint by Allyson Averell! This shoot by Photography by Joey D is totally badass!


Model: Kayla Sway

Body Paint: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Body Paint Cosplay

Smurfasaur SG looks super stunning as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from the hilarious cartoon The Venture Bros. The amazing body paint was done by Allyson Averell and awesome photos by Photography by Joey D!


Model: Smurfasaur SG

Body Paint: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Arcee Transformers Body Paint Cosplay

We always love sharing the work of Photography by Joey D and body painter Allyson Averell! This is a truly unique concept, they did a terrific job transforming model Rosie Mae into the autobot Arcee from Transformers…



Model: Rosie Mae

Body Paint: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Iron Man Body Paint Cosplay

Photographer/body paint team Photography by Joey D/Allyson Averell have done it yet again with this awesome Iron Man body paint on Mariah The Model



Model: Mariah The Model

Body Paint: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

TRON: Legacy Body Paint Cosplay

Farrah DeFulio looks stunning in TRON: Legacy body paint by the talented artist Allyson Averell! And the photos were done by the also talented and awesome Photography by Joey D



Model: Farrah DeFulio

Body Paint: Allyson Averell

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Firefly Themed Shoot

We love seeing people take there own ideas on the themes we love and run with them. This Firefly themed shoot is fun & cute. The lovely Samantha Star looks great portraying a few of the characters and Photography by Joey D does great work with his camera. Here is what he had to say about the shoot…


“Samantha and I are both huge “Firefly” fans, so when she asked me if I wanted to do a shiny new “Firefly”-themed shoot with her I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I’m no Ben Tian Sheng De Yi Dui Rou! Sam was given a free T-Shirt from Geekchic Tees for her “awesome geek work” and she wanted to do a shoot as a thank you to them. Luckily, I had my very own browncoat and gun. If anyone can give Nathan Fillion, Captain Tightpants himself, a run for his money it’s Sam. She somehow made Malcolm Reynolds even sexier, which was previously thought to be impossible. But you know what they say: No power in the ‘Verse could stop us from trying. It was really awesome to be able to do something related, and we hope you enjoy our little shindig.””

Model/Hair/Makeup: Samantha Star

Photographer: Photography by Joey D

Props: Tom Coombs

T-Shirt: Geekchic Tees

Captain America Body Paint Cosplay

We love the beautiful Samantha Star as a sexy female Captain America!  Joey D and Artwork by Ally wanted to take the concept of Clark Kent/Superman and apply it to something that hadn’t been done before. We think they did a marvelous job 😀

Model: Samantha Star – facebook

Photographer: Joey D – – facebook

Body Paint: Artwork by Ally – facebook