Nimoko’s Nippon Blog – Japanese Theme Cafés

Konnichi wa minna!

I am sure you already heard about Theme Cafés in Japan? These are Cafés about a special topic where they serve food and drinks related to this design.

I will introduce two different types of theme cafés to you today, although there are much more. In Japan, there are no limits to fantasy and fancy ideas of cafés 🙂

Let’s start with the typical maid Café!

At Maid Cafés, you are served by Maids, wearing cute outfits and hairstyles. You can take pictures with the girls by paying a small account.
Maid Cafés are mostly designed with cute furniture and colorful wall decoration, kawai (cute) stuff and have a stage for the Maids to make a cute show. Often they sing and dance.
In Maid Cafés everything is kawai :3 even food. It often looks too cute to eat and is always as sweet as it looks like 😀


When your kawai food is served, the Maids often play games with you or give you small gadgets to entertain the customers and give you an all-round “Kawai” Feeling. It is always a pleasant experience and is highly recommended by me 😀 (Photos taken at MaiDreamin Akihabara)

Check out the Theme Song and Dance of MaiDreamin! It is really cool and you hear that song all around Akihabara 😀


The next Theme Café I experienced myself was a Cat Café! In this café you don’t pay your drinks and food, you pay for the time you spend. It is all you can drink and counted per hour or every 20 minutes you spend in the café. The main topic is cats, so there are cats running around free and you can pet them. If they need their free space, the café has many possibilities to climb onto a higher point of view where the visitors can’t reach them.

So many places to hide and take a nap for the little fur balls 😀 You can watch them and have e nice cup of tea.
If you wish to feed the furry little friends, you have the possibility to buy some treats at the café. It definitely increases their interest for you 😀
In Cat Cafés you have got some rules to follow: The fur balls are used to visitors, but have their own mind. You are not allowed to lift them or carry them around. Also food brought from outside is prohibited. They have also very strict hygienic rules as washing hands, taking of the shoes before entering…
If you follow those simple rules and are not allergic to these little fluffy guys, you will definitely spend a good time at the Cat Cafés. (Photos taken at Mocha Cat Café Shibuya)