Gamescom 2016 – Gamescom Awards 2016 – Part 2

Photos © Nathan Back


Gamescom 2016 – Gamescom Awards 2016 – Part 1

Photos © Nathan Back


Luxembourg Gaming Experience’s Event at Mondorf is cancelled for 2015

On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December, Saturn Luxembourg City, in partnership with welivegames was organizing the Luxembourg Gaming Experience’s event. In short lgx . A League of Legends tournament with cosplay contest was plant at the Casino 2000 at Mondorf les brains. 

Sadly the event’s main organizer had to cancel the event, a new date is projected in the first quarter of  2016, we will keep you posted as soon more informations are available.

Crimson Akali from League of Legends Cosplay

Artisan’s Theory looks amazing cosplaying as Crimson Akali from League of Legends! Here’s what she said about it…

“Crimson Akali was one of my quicker made costumes, I had originally intended to make Rain from Mortal Kombat, however due to it being summer here in Australia I decided to do something that I wasn’t going to be covered in head to toe in and have to endure all day at a heated con. So I found something close to Rain, ie an assassin but with less potential to overheat . From the side of my mind that draws a lot I really liked the Crimson Akali splash art which the game models are loosely based off so even though I do play a lot of games but not League I still wanted to give justice to the artists work on the splash art, from one pencil artist to another! I collaborated with Leigh from Steamkittens photography and we found a local Japanese gardens with which we were able to do a shoot, I am extremely happy with the end result and so glad to be able to have worked with Leigh for this as I think he has bought out the best of the costume in the photos!”

Model: Artisan’s Theory

Photographer: Steamkittens