Interview with the Band Lost in Pain


Interview in Luxembourgish.

Interview with the Luxembourgish Metal Band Lost in Pain. We did talk to Lost in Pain about there new CD, there new Music Video and the end of there 2015 tour.

Lost in Pain:

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Interview was done by Sam van Maris.
Camera: Fabrice Lazzeri & Guillaume D. Bisenieus.
Shot on two Canon Legria HFM46 .
Editing: Sam van Maris

Lost in Pain: Live at the Ikkuvium Differdange (lux) 30.06.2012




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Shot on two Canon Legria HFM46 and one JVC HDD Everio

Camera : Fabrice Lazzeri & Sam van Maris
Editing : Sam van Maris

Band: Lost in Pain

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Love the Band and it was fun to work with them on this.
Sadly, the one Concert where many things when wrong.
The person for the third camera was a no show.
The Person at the Sound Table was not recording the Audio.
So you hear the Audio Recording of the Canon Cameras.

Still love this concert but its one of the five project i did i would like to redo.

1. Fuel
2. Semen
3. The Raft of the Medusa
4. Sick and Tired
5. Stronger than Never
6. Creeping Dead
7. Phantom of the Opera
8. Freedom
9. Afraid
10. Justify
11. The Memory Remains
12. Apocalypse
13. This Beast
14. Lost in Pain
15. Even Angels Die

Music of Lost in Pain is used with the permission of Lost in Pain.
All Cover songs are re-imagining and are non-commercial work under fair use.


Lost In Pain – Greed


This is the first single from our upcoming Album ”Plague Inc.” which will be released the 23rd January 2015 on Noiseworks Records.

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Credits :

Video filmed and edited by Sam Flammang
Music by Lost In Pain
Location : 1535° (Ville de Differdange)

Lost In Pain wants to thank : Noiseworks Records, Ville de Differdange, 1535°, Sam Flammang and everyone who took part of this shooting. You were amazing.



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