Luxcon 2016 Report – Day 1



Third time’s a charm – Luxembourg’s science-fiction and fantasy convention has opened its doors again. Luxcon is the only event of its kind in the surroundings, offering activities related to the fantasy, science-fiction, horror and manga universe.


Thus geeks, cosplayers, gamers and boardgame players, families and people of all ages and backgrounds came to meet again on Saturday in order to celebrate fan culture in general. The convention offers an opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn about clubs catering to specific fandoms such as the Potterheads, take part at presentations and workshops and many other things.

According to host Gérard Kraus, this edition’s the most successful one, even beating last year’s visitor count. Despite the changing weather, people spent time outside to pose or take photographs of cosplayers and mingle with the crowd. Things have already been rather busy at noon time, but the great rush arrived around 4 to 5 p.m.


Where Warhammer 40.000 meets Star Wars muffins

This year the activities are split up around the Schungfabrik itself, the tent outside and the cinema. Talking about the Schungfabrik, the first floor is primarily dedicated to merchandise and games. People get to chance to try out different board game made in Luxembourg and shop at their heart’s content.


The many science-fiction and fantasy authors get their spotlight on the first and second floor whereas the third one’s all about art, with artists showing off their work and even painting in front of the crowd.


Geeky and fantastic art

Among the new exponents who set their stall at Luxcon for the first time, there’s woodwork artist Shaun Judice who sells his woodburning creations along with selfmade frames. When we asked him about his impressions so far, he said that many people were surprised about his creations because it was the first time they had seen something like this.


All the works are created with a technique called woodburning, a process which takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. Shaun Judice doesn’t limit his works on the sci-fi and fantasy universe, but explained that he tries to cater to the event he’s at. Thus his stand features lots of characters from universes such as of Star Wars, The Hobbit, DC comics and even quirky and pink “Hello Vader”!


Barbara Cordier on the other hand is a writer, something she’s been doing since childhood. She sells her works this year too, among which is a rewritten tale about a dryad. It’s ancient mythology revised, she explains.


 An unparalleled success so far

When asked whether they’d come back next year, most visitors said they definitely would. A couple we met has been here for the first time. “I’m not a geek”, said the woman, laughing, adding that the whole sci-fi/fantasy universe isn’t really her thing, but she came because she loves ‘him’. Him being her companion who decided to take a look at the con. Why? “It’s Saturday, there’s not much going on, so we decided to come and see.” Later when we saw them again, they mentioned that they’d probably come back again next year.


Many visitors said that they came to Luxcon because of the merchandise, such as Tiago (20) and Max (20). Lisa (16) on the other hand mentioned that she likes cosplay and that she was primarily interested into that part of the event. But what about things they didn’t like as much or that could be improved? Lisa stated that she missed a cosplay stand from last edition that she didn’t see again this year.


Of course cosplay seems to be a BIG thing on Saturday, with much more fantasy, sci-fi, video game and manga fans showing up in their costumes. Some people said that they almost felt out of place in ‘citizen clothing’ and that they may be coming dressed up next year too.

Cosplayer Myobie from Saarbrücken (who was also among the numerous visitors coming from France, Germany and Belgium) cosplayed her own character who represents the winter season.”I’ve been working on it for 3 weeks non-stop”, she explains regarding the costume-making process.

Watch your posture – lightsaber fights and more


Moving on, the tent outside features a lot of medieval and steampunk-related stands. Artem (27) took part at the lightsaber workshop. Seeing that he’s experienced with swordfighting, he didn’t have many difficulties in adapting to the new material. “It’s a choreography”, he explained, but besides that, he didn’t consider the workshop to be challenging. His favourite part about the lightsaber event was the opportunity for public participation, as opposed to demonstrations where people show off fight scenes. On a scale from 1 to 10, he rated the workshop with 9,5, saying that he loved the public aspect as well as the whole organization behind it.


Saturday ended with the pub quiz at the bar and people serenading sweet tunes at Geekaraoke.


That’s it for the first day of 2016’s edition, Sunday awaits us with more presentations, readings, panels and the popular cosplay contest!

Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow as well as GLL’s picture galleries!

Interview with Gérard Kraus about the Luxcon 2016


Interview in Luxembourgish.

Our Interview with Gérard Kraus about the Luxcon 2016. One of the founders of the Luxcon. The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fan Convention in Luxembourg. Enjoy.

Interview done by Mia Schneiders
Camera: Kevin Grethen & Sam van Maris
Shot on Two Canon Legria HFM46 .
Editing: Sam van Maris

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