YouTube Demonitizes Videos Not Deemed “Advertiser-Friendly”

Terms of Services for a website are a fluid thing. As sites grow and mature, the content of their Terms and Services changes, as does the frequency that they enforce it. Unfortunately, it seems that today’s news concerns previously monetized content being denied ads on YouTube.

Multiple subscribers and content creators have noticed that the popular video sharing website will now be enforcing its Terms of Services (archived here) more frequently. While the language of its Terms and Services remains untouched from its status in at least 2015, YouTube has not stringently enforced its Terms of Services, which prohibit monetization of content that isn’t considered by the company to be “advertiser-friendly.”

In short, YouTube considers the following to not be “advertiser-friendly” content: sexually-suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, promotion of drugs and other regulated substances, and controversial or sensitive subjects and events. If your video falls under any of those content categories, they may not monetize it. In addition, if they choose to approve it for monetization, then it may not be eligible for all available ad formats.


Most importantly, these guidelines regulate how content creators can disclose sponsorship of their videos. In the Terms of Service, content creators are explicitly told “[not to] embed promotions for your own sponsors in your video since this can create advertiser conflict.” As disclosure of video sponsorship is something that is taken extremely seriously, this is an incredibly major change to how many content creators currently operate.

Many YouTubers, such as Philip DeFranco, have taken to Twitter to share their displeasure with the enforcement of YouTube’s Terms of Services. Below, DeFranco voices his concerns that many of his videos will not be eligible for monetization, and that his career as a content creator on this platform is over.

Also YouTuber’s like Chris Ray Gun do poke fun on the rule breaking:


Where’s the Fair Use? – Update 3 #WTFU #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain


Just a few more days to go with the “Where’s the Fair Use?” thunderclap campaign, and already so many amazing things have happened from the community outreach to Youtube. Susan Wojcicki responded to GradeAUnderA’s #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain tag with an update from Spencer on the policy team.

Keep spreading the #WTFU message and lets see how far we can take it before the Thunderclap posts on Wednesday, March 2nd at 12:00 PM EST.……


Hey everyone. We’ve held off on taking part in this conversation for a while, as we are not experts, but this is our hand being forced. Let’s work for a better YouTube. Thank you all for your support.

Gaming Channel:

Where’s The Fair Use? (The Jimquisition)


The Jimquisition joins the throng of YouTube content makers asking a very simple question – where’s the fair use?

YouTube has been going into takedown overdrive this year, and there’s a palpable fear among video makers as they wonder who’s next.

It’s gotten beyond ridiculous.

(Check out Doug Walker’s #WTFU video here:…)

Thunderclap #WTFU:

TeamFourStar Channel Deleted?? WTF YOUTUBE?? #WTFU

TeamFourStar had their channel removed and terminated from YouTube due to copyright violation. Where’s The Fair Use in that? Target the people that actually DESERVE this treatment!
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Thunderclap #WTFU:

Where’s the Fair Use? – Update 2 #WTFU #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain


In just a few days the Where’s the Fair Use? Thunderclap is nearly at 7,000 supporters with a social reach of over 3.5 million people! This is amazing, thank you guys so much for your continued support of fair use on youtube.

GradeAUnderA has a video about “Everything that’s wrong with YouTube Part (2/2″” where he points out that tweeting to Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of Youtube might help get the point across for better Fair Use practices on youtube.

Please keep sharing the Thunderclap, and let’s get to a social reach of 5,000,000 before March 2nd at 12PM EST!…

RE: Where’s the Fair Use? #WTFU


Here is doug’s video “Where’s the fair use #WTFU”…

Here is jim’s video:…

Youtube’s page on Fair Use:…



Where’s the Fair Use? – Update #1 #WTFU


Where’s the Fair Use? thunderclap’s social reach is no over 2,000,000 people. There is no way that Youtube will not hear our voices on March 2nd.

Thank you all so much for your support of this initiative for fair use.…

Let’s talk about Where’s the Fair Use? #WTFU


Where’s the Fair Use? This is a question many of us have been asking YouTube for a long time in regards to how messed up their copyright system is. Doug Walker, aka The Nostalgia Critic, started the hashtag #WTFU to bring awareness to this issue. But I think we can take it a step further by all working together to tell YouTube its time to fix their broken system.

The Nostalgia Critic’s WTFU video……

Where’s the Fair Use? – AlphaOmegaSin #WTFU


AlphaOmegaSin talks about fair use on YouTube as a video response to Nostalgia Critic on Channel Awesome. YouTube / Google have cast aside fair use often lately with videos flagged or channels taken down entirely all the while they were obviously within their legal rights with the content they made. This is something that should be discussed and known by everyone who uses the site. This should be spread around and shared and discussed so we can potentially keep things from getting worse.

Mundane Matt’s Thunderclap:…