Love Love Love (Christmas Cosplay Music Video)


A RevolAsia x Geeks Life Luxembourg collaboration


After School – Love Love Love


Tammy & Sam (GLL)

Screenplay & Editing:

Kotohime (GLL)


AyaWolf –

Cédric & David (Passion Japon) – Saiyaman & Vegeta:…

Daniel (AniLux) – male Chell:…

Tammy/Hidekuni – Konton:

Marina – Mikaela Hyakuya

Patti – Mari Ohara

Samantha – herself/RevolAsia staff

Sophia – herself/main character

Sophie – Black Angel:…

The Navigators – Nico Yazawa & Jynx:…

Yume Tenshi Nimoko – Nico Yazawa (Snow Halation):…

Special thanks to:

– Independent Café Luxembourg & the Churros stand at place de Paris for letting us use their space

– the unknown orchestra that was performing while we were shooting the video and whose music we used at the beginning (unfortunately we don’t know who you guys are :’D)



Luxcon 2017 – Nico Yazawa as Nico Yazawa – Cosplay Contest


Cosplay Contest 2017

Cosplay: Nico Yazawa
Source: Love Live
Cosplayer: Nico Yazawa

Camera: Angelo Morette & Michel Freichel
Editing: Sam van Maris

Thanks for Watching

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Love Live Marine Version Shooting

Photos © Grethen Kevin


Model Nico Yazawa : Mayu Matsuken Cosplay

Model Hanayo Koizumi : Shiro_Cosplay

Model Rin Hoshizora : Winfox Cosplay

Photographer & Editor : Red Lion Genzo