Interview with Sabrina Kaufmann


Interview in Luxembourgish.

Our Interview with Sabrina Kaufmann. Enjoy.

Interview done by Mia Schneiders
Camera: Molitor Sven & Sam van Maris
Shot on Two Canon Legria HFM46 .
Editing: Sam van Maris

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Sabrina Kaufmann – Drawing of Lilith

Drawing of Lilith by Sabrina Kaufmann



Sabrina Kaufmann, is a 20-year-old freelance traditional illustrator and manga artist from Luxembourg. Since she was a child, she had always loved writing stories, drawing comics, mangas, illustrations. Her biggest dream was – and still is – to make people smile with her artwork.



Sabrina Kaufmann :

During my last convention, I was asked by Geekslifeluxembourg to participate in a project where artists can redraw one of their mascots in their own style.
And here we go, with the super cute Lilith I decided to portray as a gothic lolita – I immediately loved her for her pigtails, and I want these shoes XD Hope you like it.