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Have you ever heard of the famous dog Hachiko? Surely you have, as he has been very popular since the 1920s. He actually became so famous that his story has been adapted unto the screen several times already.


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For the ones who don’t know, let me tell you the story of this unbelievable faithful dog…

Once upon a time, in 1924, a Japanese professor in agriculture science at Tokyo University named Ueno Eizaburo adopted a small Akita puppy. He called him Hachiko or Hachi and soon the two of them became best friends.


Hachiko as a puppy, only a few weeks old …


Hachiko waiting for his friend at Shibuya Station


As Hachiko grew older, he started to memorise the times when his best friend Eizaburo went to work and when his train from work returned at Shibuya station in Tokyo. So he began to bring him to the train station and waited for him to return in the evening every single day.

It’s a very sad story that gained a lot of attention, inspiring many people to visit Hachiko and give him treats. They called him “Chuken-Hachiko” which means faithful dog.










On the left: Shibuya station in the 1920s, on the right: Shibuya station today

But one fateful day, when Hachiko was only two years old, he was sitting as usual at the exit of Shibuya station but his best friend didn’t come home. Eizaburo had died  unexpectedly by a cerebral haemorrhage at work.

Hachiko was adopted by a member of the Ueno family but he still didn’t give up hope for his buddy to return. Throughout the rest of his ten-year-old life and until his death in 1935, he waited at the exit of Shibuya station every single day grieving for his best friend, who would never return to him…

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Hachiko died alone in the streets near Shibuya station. Many people were grieving for him as he was loved by the citizens of Shibuya.


Hachiko Memorial in front of Shibuya Station

In honour of him several memorials were built such as the one in front of  Shibuya Station Exit and the one next to Eizaburos tomb at Aoyama Graveyard in Tokyo.
Memorial of Hachiko at Eizaburo’s tomb


So in the end the two inseparable friends were finally reunited and can rest in peace forever.

The only existing picture of Eizaburo and Hachiko together

+ In Memory of Ueno Eizaburo and Hachiko, best friends forever … +







Gyaru Festival x Deshima Sounds: GalFes Summer Event 2017

22nd July at Dynamo, Eindhoven

Gyaru Festival was organized by a group of European Gals to celebrate J-fashion in general

(Part 2) Spring/Summer 2016 Shibuya Fashion Trends


Ethnic prints

Ethnic prints and details are a HUGE trend right now.

Top: ‘Jouetie’ and ‘Ungrid’ shop staff

Bottom: ‘Evris’ director Ayano Sasaki

Doesn’t seem to be such a huge trend for most Onee Gyaru brands (the dress on the right is by ‘Resexxy’), but street styles such as ‘Flove’ (left) are definitely going for them.


Fringes and tassels

They can be seen as a continuation of the ethnic trend. Fringes are everywhere, tassels mostly on accent pieces such as bags and jewelry.

Duras, ENVYM, Sly, Spiralgirl

avan lily 1_1_1_1

A cute ‘Avan Lily’ ethnic/tassel shoulder bag


Sleeves galore!

I personally see this as the biggest change. Puffed, off-shoulder (which seems be a trend carried on from last year), frilly, cut-outs, with sheer or lace accents… more emphasis seems to be put on outfits with impact sleeves. The sheer variety to pick from is huge, with street brands favouring cut-out pieces and sweet/girly styles not being afraid to go bigger.


‘ENVYM’ showing off one of their cut-out sweaters


‘Resexxy’ donning a cut-out top as well as wide 3/4 sleeves on the right

Otona Kawaii brand ‘MIIA’ seems to be your go-to-place when it comes to trying out different cuts

lilidia 21_1_1_1

Sweet style brands like ‘Ank Rouge’ seem to be doing really well with this trend


V necklines


A trend look by ‘Emoda’: V neck onepiece, cut-off long vest and lace-up sandals


Flower prints

Flower prints are always popular during this season, but this year many trends don’t seem to be shying away from bolder colours too. On the other hand, vintage-styled flower dresses have been popping up here and there, as shown by ‘Jouetie’.

Colourful ‘Duras’ dresses, the right one is by ‘Resexxy’ (see the straight cut this season?)


More adult looks (‘Mercuryduo’ and ‘Resexxy’ (right and bottom)

Flower prints in bolder colours


‘Jouetie’s vintage dress


Overalls and salopettes

Less than 2 years ago, but still going strong. See previous post for examples on how to wear overalls. Regarding their popularity, I felt like salopettes still deserved a section on their own 🙂

‘GYDA’ and some interesting styling by ‘Flove’ director Hana Imai

‘Egoist’ overall, playful ‘Jouetie’ going for suspenders and Sweet Gyaru brand ‘Ank Rouge’ showing how to include salopettes into sweet-style outfits



(Personal picks; not really belonging into any of the categories, but still worth sharing in my opinion)



Glavil by Tutuha

Dazzlin, Ungrid

And Sly summing up their spring/summer 2016 trend pieces


What do you think about these spring/summer trends? Is there anything you like or think that it’s a no-go? Do you think it will be easy to emulate Shibuya fashion in the West? Feel free to post your opinion, it’s going to be added to the post.

Also this was about the Shibuya/Gal crowd. Are there any fashion styles/trends/things you want to read about on GLL? Don’t be shy and tell us if there’s something you want us to talk about!


Part 1 here:

Otani Emiri officially leaves Akishibu Project

Today, Miri-nya officially graduates from idol group Akishibu Project. Her departure has already been announced on the 9th March.

Akishibu Project was formed in 2013 with to aim to connect Akihabara with Shibuya culture. As of now, the current members are leader Yuechi, Hinahi, Saorin-nu, Yuunarin, Abuchan, Amirakuru and Miichan.