Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII Cosplay

Minalee créa’ looks amazing cosplaying as Tifa Lockart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Model: Minalee créa’

Photographer: Lelievre Demars & Audrey B. Photography

Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay

AlyCat Cosplay looks beautiful as Rikku! Here’s what she had to say…

“I created this entire Rikku cosplay myself and it was quite the process making sure that I made it to the best of my ability. I love the Final Fantasy game series and I love Final Fantasy X and X-2 a lot. Rikku is such a spirited and light hearted character it was easy to pick her to cosplay from the series. I hope you enjoy the photos I got with Douglas Chapin Photography.”

Model: AlyCat Cosplay

Photographer: Douglas Chapin Photography

Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay

RayGrey Cosplay looks fantastic cosplaying as Pirate King Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean! Here’s what she had to say about it…

“Here is my Cosplay of Elizabeth Swann king of the Pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean. I own all the movies and can’t wait for the next one to come out. I have to thank the Next Disney Cosplay Star competition I am in because with out this challenge (live action movies) I never would have thought of cosplaying her even though she is one of Disney’s most badass females of all time. “

Model: RayGrey Cosplay

Photographer: Sergio Mazzotta

Loki & Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Silhouette Cosplay and Iloominations Cosplay are looking amazing cosplaying as Loki and Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch! Here’s a little more about the shoot…

“Loo and I have wanted to do a specific location shoot for a while now, and we thought it would be very interesting to do a little mix-up of some Marvel characters. We’ve seen Wanda getting into the heads of the Avengers, but what about Loki? Loo was fantastically creepy as Wanda, and the editing was really fun later!”



Model: Silhouette Cosplay as Loki & Iloominations Cosplay as Wanda

Costumes/Edits: Silhouette

Photographer: Myrddin Emrys

Dhalsim vs Cammy Cosplay

Undeaddu and Tiny Thi look amazing cosplaying as a genderbent Dhalsim and Cammy from Street Fighter! Round One… FIGHT!

Model: Undeaddu as Dhalsim & Tiny Thi as Cammy

Photographer: Cloud in the Sky Studios

Sakura from Street Fighter Cosplay

Lolita Bot looks amazing cosplaying as Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter! Round One… FIGHT!

Cosplayer: Lolita Bot – twitter – tumblr – instagram – Charity Cosplay Group

Photographer: Luciano Alicea