(Miracle of Sound ft Lisa Foiles)


Miracle Of Sound & Lisa Foiles team up in this symphonic rock tribute to Lara Croft!
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Edge Of The World Gavin Dunne 2016

Into the furthest reaches
Into the deep unseen
Gather the fragments of my legacy

And in the broken pieces
A trail of evergreen
To provoke the darkest destiny

Stand firm
The fires of burden
Still burn

And I will
Stand at the edge of the world
Don’t try, don’t try to stop me
Stand at the edge of the world
No matter what it costs me

Another savage story
Another night falls blue
I am the monster in your mind again

Another territory
Another birds eye view
I am a hunter in the wild again

Hold strong
We’ve veiled the sacred
So long

And I will
Stand at the edge of the world
Don’t try, don’t try to stop me
Stand at the edge of the world
No matter what it costs me

Stand firm
The fires of burden
Still burn…

And I will
Stand at the edge of the world
Don’t try, don’t try to stop me
Stand at the edge of the world
No matter what it costs me

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Rat der Vier


Wow, wat vir e Start…!
Mir sprangen direkt mam Kapp no vir an d’Action! Fun am Schnéi garantéiert… 😉


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►De “Rat der Vier” ass aktuell gesponsort vun: Computerhëllef Doheem (www.chdh.lu)

►The song used for the trailer, Jamie Berry & Paul Naylor – Stand Together, can be found at:https://soundcloud.com/jamie-berry/ja…

PC and PS4 owners will get Rise of the Tomb Raider Up to a Year After Xbox One Owners

In a press release by Square Enix, they announced that fans of the Tomb Raider series on the PC and the Playstation 4 won’t have to wait too long (depending on your definition of long of course). Rise of the Tomb Raider has been known that it will release to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 10th, 2015, but this is the first mention of when exactly the other platforms will be getting it. PC owners will be next in line, in particular on Steam and those who have upgraded to Windows 10, as it has been announced to be available in early 2016. Playstation 4 owners are the last to receive the game as they will be getting it one year after the Xbox owners in Holiday 2016. We last saw the heroine during E3 of this year during the Square Enix press conference, in a whole new set of gameplay and trailers during the event.

This brings some clarity to some of the concerns of fans of the franchise that didn’t know when the exclusivity deal with Microsoft would have ended in getting to play the second game of the rebooted franchise. The first game was met with a reasonably positive response from both critics and gamers alike, as the new game took steps forward in bringing Lara into the modern gaming world, and rebooted her character and her image.

Are you mad about the time exclusivity that Microsoft is getting, or is it a sacrifice for allowing competition within the gaming market?

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay

Dahlia Thomas looks amazing cosplaying as Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider 2013 video game in this epic photoshoot! Here’s what she said about it…

David Love and I worked hard to re-create important moments in the game of the Tomb Raider reboot.

We worked very hard to make them come to life. This set was shot 8 months ago. Just finished the last pic this week. “

Cosplayer: Dahlia Thomas

Photographer: David Love Photography


Lara Croft Cosplay

We have seen a lot of epic Lara Croft cosplay submissions here at Geek Girls, this one however is among the best! From the location, the photography by 410Photography, the effects by UndeadMousey, the awesome cosplay and of course Athora Cosplay playing Lara, this shoot is just awesome.

Models: Athora Cosplay & Pacifisticmatt Cosplay

Photographer: 410Photography

Effects: UndeadMousey

Lara Croft Cosplay

The lovely Ana Aesthetic looks amazing as Lara Croft in this stunning Tomb Raider photoshoot! Here is what the photographer BGZstudios had to say about the shoot…


“The new Tomb Raider game that was released recently has had a huge amount of praise and great reviews all around. Cosplay for Lara Croft has been expanding greatly and a lot of amazing ones are out there and a lot of excellent photographers have captured the character. I have always wanted to get a cosplayer to roll around in the mud and splash around in disgusting creek water – wait.. Did I really just say that? I first saw this cosplay at a local Con, MTAC, and immediately got very interested. The cosplayer is Ana Aesthetic and you have have seen her on my blog and pages before – I seriously had no idea she could pull off a Lara Croft so well. I immediately scheduled something for literally the next afternoon which was a nicer day since it was raining all weekend..

The rain made the creek muddy and difficult – but I wore my Army boots and camo! I have been wanting to find a reason to use the old military stuff in the closet – and this worked perfectly. The hike was not an easy one – especially with all the gear I trekked around. 3 Bags – 3 Lights – lots of batteries.. Not an easy carry. I was paying specific attention to light fall and where I can set lights as I rucked into the woods. I find forests and trees interesting and difficult to work with for photos – unless done very specific, it just looks like some boring looking trees. Read the rest here.”

Model: Ana Aesthetic

Photographer: BGZstudios – facebook